Monday, September 17, 2007

Tribute to Global Warming

A golden oldie from the 80's, I hope you like Fastway.
(yes, the lead singer is Mick Jagger and Ron Howard's love

War for oil?.......OK!!!

JM², you out there?


Voltron said...

Fastway is probably best remembered for the tune "Say what you will"...

Voltron said...

Hey TT, if you're lurking...

Did you catch the earlier exchange with Larry, Carl and Mikey?

Carl and Mikey issued a couple of "veiled" threats to I assume you?
(however they, including Larry seem to have zeroed in on "Eric" and "Mary"...hope they don't hurt any innocent bystanders)

Talll Texan said...

Hey, Volt. Yes I saw that.

He's a big man when he's got his finger on the "delete" button.

And I agree with you and saying "I hope nothing happens to you," or something to that effect is most definitely a veiled threat.

I'll cross post this on the LC blog.

Talll Texan said...

"Mike said...
But back to that idiot Troll Tex, now if i said i wanted to knock your teeth down your throat, or drag you through the steeets and smash your skull like a pinata or hang you with piano wire...............THOSE would be threats you lying welching stalking piece of STFU before some else shuts you up.

2:43 PM"

This coming from someone who said he doesn't issue threats.

Voltron said...

I particularly liked the parody you posted regarding Rhandi Rhodes, "Talk Radio diva and guitar legend Randi Rhodes"...

I'm sure Randy Rhodes was a lib too since he played for Ozzie, but damn he WAS good. (He also died many years back)LOL

Voltron said...

Also, Mike said "It would be a shame" NOT "I hope"

I probably ought to add it here for posterity:

"Mike said...

BTW Eric, how is sweet Mary?

I hope all is well with would be a real shame if something were to happen to her.

Hey dont you fundamentalist loons believe that God protects the innocent and punishs the evil and guilty.............wonder where that leaves you and your brood Eric?

1:32 PM"

Voltron said...

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but in your absence they've gotten even more hateful and militant...LOL

These "intellectuals" and boy am I using the term loosely take a small kernel out of context and keep adding to it until they can rationalize any vulgar comment they make.

Mikey said something about "piano wire" and "going to Carl's house to threaten him"...

I don't think any of us threatened to go to Carl's house, And I did mention piano wire once but it was in relation to something else that was said. (And I think I was talking to Worf not Mikey)

Talll Texan said...

I hear you, Volt. Yea, I was impressed at whoever put that video together in such at short time.

Carl's latest gem is:

"Carl said...
For the normal humans here...

In Iraq, Violence Again Rises During Ramadan

Now Widdle Cowboy, suck my motherf*cking cock as you read that, bitch!

7:22 PM"

"Carl said...
Ignorant troll ass kicked?


I'm back, Widdle Cowboy, and I'm going to make you regret you ever stalked me, you criminal fu*k!

7:26 PM"

If that does not sound like threatening language, I don't know what is.

Maybe I'll cross post this over at the LC blog.

Voltron said...

Interesting that they have a fast response to threat complaints...

Just delete the complaint...LOL

I get the feeling it'll work that way too if they ever get into power. Anybody complains, delete the complainer.

Just like the founding fathers intended...(yeah right)

Voltron said...

"Lydia Cornell said...

Voltron - coming from you, these words sound strangely hollow. Have you crashed any more computers lately with your malicious code?...

...If you can't see sarcasm or exaggeration for effect in light of Bush's crimes and lies --"

Voltron said...

Apparently my response to Lydia that I'd read her posts and would reply soon was out of order?

Voltron said...

"Lydia Cornell said...

Volt, "TT" and Freedom Fan - you are in so much trouble. You have broken the law for the last time.

5:58 AM"

What "law" was that?

Is this "sarcasm", "exaggeration for effect" or just outright slander?

Voltron said...

I'm gonna cross post this here.
My comments at LC tend to end up missing.

Voltron said...


Yes I read your posts.

I was going to give you a long well researched and thought out response.

However, it occurs to me that we've covered all this territory before, and you and others here either don't believe the reply, or else you ignore it simply to keep on bashing.

Since "the children" is a recurring theme in your posts as well as everyone else's I will address that again.

Our forces DON'T intentionally target children. Theirs DO. Our forces DON'T hide among children. Theirs DO. When OUR forces kill children it's an accident. When THEIR forces do, it's intentional.

The very FACT that we care for the children, even THEIRS, has made children a target and a shield.

I posit this: If we truly care about the children, we MUST act as though we don't. We must attack our opponents WHEREVER they may hide without regard to who they hide among. In this way children will lose their value as a shield or target and more may live.

That may not be pretty, but it's a fact.

Secondly, I note this:

"If you can't see sarcasm or exaggeration for effect in light of Bush's crimes and lies ..."

The American Heritage Dictionary gives this:

v. tr.

1. To represent as greater than is actually the case; overstate: exaggerate the size of the enemy force; exaggerated his own role in the episode.
2. To enlarge or increase to an abnormal degree: thick lenses that exaggerated the size of her eyes.

So basically you're asking for a response to what? Lies?
(Interesting that Barf agreed with you on that comment - evidently he's also comfortable with lying to further his cause)

Such as this one:

"Have you crashed any more computers lately with your malicious code?..."

Not only an outright lie, but probably slander as well.

Here's another "exaggeration":

"Volt, "TT" and Freedom Fan - you are in so much trouble. You have broken the law for the last time."

I cannot speak for TT and FF, but if you think you have something on me call the cops. You and Barf know my identity and where I live down to the street adress and phone number.

And yet Carl can continue to slander me as a racist with absolutely no proof, and is not only condoned but commended.

Obviously as long as it furthers your agenda you have no problem "exaggerating" or slandering or outright lying about anyone who disagrees.

Not much difference than what you believe about the president.

8:30 AM

Voltron said...

Barfeus does love to hear himself talk doesn't he?

I'll bet he impresses the hell out of himself.

Talll Texan said...

Volt, re: your 8:45 AM post, something tells me that it wasn't Lydia who posted that at about 3 AM Pacific time, although there's no telling for certain.

It's not like her, and wasn't she asking where FF was recently? Now she accuses him of breaking a law. No, I think someone was using her account.

Voltron said...

That may be true TT.

BUT, we know from the Worfeus debacle that she KNOWS others are using it, and at least Worf is WITH her approval.

She either allows it to stand or else condones it. If it isn't her, she certainly must see it.

Talll Texan said...

Thanks, Volt -- I saw your response to my post to Mike before he deleted it.

I'll check in later or tomorrow.

Talll Texan said...

Volt, check out this article. Plame tells very different stories about who suggested that her husband go to Niger.

Did Valerie Plame Wilson Tell the Truth?

Talll Texan said...

If Bart is going to confuse an argument with the delete key, it's pretty lame.

Mike, even bart agreed that that comment was in the context of what the consequences would be for dissenting under Hitler.

You know that, and so does everyone else

Talll Texan said...

Talll Texan said...
Well, I guess I can't compete with the delete buttton, Bart.

Check out LGF, RedState, FreeRepublic, or Volt's blog if you want to contact me. You can find me there.

8:16 PM

Voltron said...

Yeah Barfy does that.

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, I got some fuel tax work I have to get done.

My being here will probably be rare until after this weekend.