Thursday, September 5, 2013


Mark Hoofnagle is an expert on Global Warming Denial.

Mr. Hoofnagle admits that he knows almost nothing about climate science but is positive in his belief that the entire planet soon will melt unless it can be saved by giving massive amounts of tax money to wise, honest politicians, like those unable to ever balance a budget, or even touch anything without screwing it up. Further, anyone who disagrees with him is about as evil as a nazi Holocaust Denier.

Adding insult to injury, if it offends you to be smeared as someone who apologizes for the most infamous mass murder in world history, well that means you have a "persecution complex" which confirms that you are indeed a "Denier". Yet he is not 'really-really' comparing you to a nazi, just the way you reject his unproven theory ... which has absolutely nothing to do with history's most well-documented event. Strip away his weasel words, and he is saying that disagreeing with him on a subject about which he knows little, is tantamount to being a nazi. Science.

According to Mr. Hoofnagle, there are five ways to identify a "Denier":

1) Conspiracy theories. For example, anyone who questions his theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) obviously must be a mere puppet of greedy Big Oil or the evil Koch Brothers.

2) Selectivity (Cherry Picking). For example, Michael Mann used cherry picking of certain tree ring data to hide the decline and produce his widely-discredited Hockey Stick Graph.

3) Fake Experts. For example Al Gore...well nuff said. Then there's the father of CAGW, James Hansen who poses as a scientist, but who is actually an activist who chained himself to the White House fence to protest the Keystone Pipeline. Then there are the stars of ClimateGate, "scientists" Michael Mann and Phil Jones. And don't forget the "climate scientist" with a Berkeley PhD in Energy, Peter Gleick who published forged memos to smear the Heartland Institute after refusing their invitation to a public debate.

4) Impossible expectations (and moving goalposts). Here Mr. Hoofnagle is outraged that anyone would expect the climate models to be remotely accurate. They're not. None of them predicted that Global Warming would be flat for 16+ years. Temperatures have even fallen below James Hansen's ideal scenario 'C', in which all increases in man-made CO2 stop completely along with any human activity.

5) Logical Fallacies. For example any attempt, to present Global Temperature Deniers with data and analysis, will be met with a logical fallacy such as an ad hominem attack like "Denier" or "Corporate Shill" or an appeal to the authority of the supposed omniscient scientific consensus ... like those frauds and their "peer-reviewed" corruption of science exposed in ClimateGate.

Of course in real science, common in other disciplines, dissent is the very foundation of what is called the "scientific method" and is lauded.

Mr. Hoofnagle also favors complete censorship. He urges his disciples to avoid trying to debate a "denier", because it is just futile, and probably because he realizes they will just lose...again. Therefore, any dissent on his blog is forbidden. To allow any heretical opinions opposing the "consensus" would be "anti-science", no doubt.

So ironically, it would appear from these definitions that Mark Hoofnagle himself, meets the definition of being a Global Temperature Denier. Congratulations Mr. Hoofnagle. Your attempt at logic may be embarrassing, but at least you have a last name that you can pronounce proudly, and you will forever be the darling of the insatiable ruling class.

(I am confident that this characterization will not offend you, because otherwise you would be exhibiting a persecution complex.)