Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News Flash! Voltron is a Conservative!

Yes it's true, after all this time and all the posts on this blog I've been outed as a Conservative.

"Another note on our friend "Voltron" aka cosmic cowboy\crusty, etc.

For years he sold himself as a passive, uninvolved "moderate" who spent his time driving trucks and working with fuel figures,..."

"...But check out his "ruffian blog" now, and you'll see a much different picture of our friend voltron, and its a stark contrast to the "casual blogger" he portrayed..."

Note how astute our 'friend' Worf is. He finally picked up on the fact that I'm not a passive moderate. I really am sorry I tried to hide that from you all these long years.

Wait, there's more:

"Yup. That's right.

Our little "casual blogger" friend is no casual blogger at all, but instead is highly divested in the far right wingnut movement that infested our capitol and shouted down discourse..."

I'm highly "divested"....Is that good or bad?
Although if I am indeed a Conservative wouldn't it be better if I were highly 'INVESTED' in the movement?

I am curious though, why is it that when liberals march on the capitol to protest they never "shout down discourse"???
(or are described as "infesting" the capitol for that matter...)

This coming from a self proclaimed "intellectual". This is why you can't argue with liberals folks, their memory only goes back to yesterday, and sometimes not even that far.

Note also that the thread prior to the one this comment was posted under is a glorious example of leftwing hypocrisy.

"Judge not!" but we will.
"Accusers are evil" but watch us accuse...