Friday, August 30, 2013


The key to understanding the climate change debate is the sensitivity factor. Virtually all the climate models use a huge sensitivity-- a three-fold (3x) positive feedback multiplier. Without this factor, the level of atmospheric CO2 could DOUBLE harmlessly--only raising temperature about 1.1 degree Celsius. This is not controversial; it has been common knowledge for decades.

Again, the CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) prediction is only valid if the climate has a huge sensitivity factor to amplify the additional man-made CO2. No big feedback -- no catastrophe.

However if you chart CO2 and temperature together, it is easy to see there is absolutely no positive feedback. This is why you will never see these two graphed together ... until now:
Global Temperatures vs CO2 since 1960 show no positive feedback, hence no looming AGW catastrophe.

In fact, what you see is a negative feedback which causes temperature to rise much more slowly than CO2. This is because clouds that form from the additional warming, do not multiply the warming; the heat that they reflect is greater than the heat that they retain. Climate is very complex, but has remained remarkably stable over millions of years, due to the feedback equilibrium which has allowed life to flourish on earth.

The Global Temperature Denier response to this chart, will be the standard anti-science techniques which we have seen from ClimateGate to the present: Call naughty names, dismiss the authoritative source (HadCRUT), fail to rebut with a meaningful contrary chart, change the subject, crow about the "consensus", censor the information, lose or change the temperature measurements, etc.

HadCRUT is the dataset of monthly instrumental temperature records formed by combining the sea surface temperature records compiled by the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office and the land surface air temperature records compiled by the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia. In addition, the Met Office recently revised its forecast through 2017...Downward. Far downward; so if correct, there will have been no warming for 20 years--much longer than the recent bout of warming.

Also amazingly, if you take a look at Wikipedia article "Hockey stick controversy", you will find a locked-down obfuscation that has been sanitized to remove any trace of the fake Hockey Stick Chart by "scientist" Michael Mann, which was made infamous in AlGore's "Inconventient Truth" crockumentary:

Wikipedia, led by Green Party zealot, William Connolley, is part of the effort to sell the Mann-made Climate Hoax, in this case by hiding the medieval warming period, in order to make the current warming period look more dramatic and scary. So the huge Wikipedia article actually hides any mention of the chart which is the subject of the article!!! The fraud surrounding the AGW hoax truly is astounding!

Unfortunately for the Global Temperature Deniers, the planet isn't melting. In fact there has been NO GLOBAL WARMING FOR OVER 16 YEARS:

Remember this the next time you read some article about the latest horror caused by "Climate Change". Whatever it is they are claiming, it couldn't have been caused by a warming planet, because the planet isn't warming!!!

But hey don't take my word for it, go to the website, select the latest authoritative climate data, and graph it any way you want. You don't need a scientist to help you read a thermometer.

Is Global Warming Hiding In The Ocean Somewhere? Ah no. In the last 10 years sea temperatures have been falling. Nice try though.

Then Warmists will claim that maybe the warming is hiding much deeper somewhere. Really? How did the warming travel from the surface to way down deep without warming the surface water? But more importantly, why didn't the CAGW climate models predict that such a thing would happen? Do you get the idea that you are being played yet?

Actual temperature observations prove James Hansen's model was off by over 150%!

The lack of warming for the last 16 years, is BELOW the level predicted by CAGW Godfather, James Hansen in 1988, for the best case scenario "C" in which MAN STOPS PRODUCING ANY CO2 WHATSOEVER.

But Hansen's most likely scenario "A" was with CO2 emissions increasing at 1.5% per year, whereas they have actually been increasing at a much faster rate of 2.5%.

By the way, that same unbiased "scientist" James Hansen, was last seen being arrested for chaining himself to the White House fence to protest building the Keystone Pipeline, which will increase worldwide CO2 by a whopping 0.00067% per year!

But what about all the other climate models? Didn't at least one of them get it right? Ah no. All the other models are similarly flawed; none have remotely predicted recent lack of warming. How embarrassing for them, yet their response is to howl "panic! panic!" even more loudly, as if we don't have an internet and can quickly expose the fraud.

Global warming models failed royally; they are not even in the same ball park. They are fatally flawed, ergo there is no looming climate catastophe.

Science. Learn what it means. Hint: it is not blindly following a consensus. Think for yourself.