Sunday, September 27, 2009

March on Washington D.C. - September 12, 2009

I attended the March on Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009! What a rush to be surrounded by several hundred thousand freedom loving Americans!

Later I was surprised (not) to learn that we were all actually mouth-breathing racists, according to Jimmy Carter and other asshole Liberals and assorted Obammunists. Looks like Jimmah is now in bed with insane troofers like Janeane "Awful" Garofalo.

I can testify that I saw no hint of racism anywhere. There were several blacks, including one nice guy from Alabama who told me he was running for Congress. Blacks were treated warmly like celebrities. Hopefully more minorities will join the movement when they realize that Liberals can only offer them envy, bitterness, enslavement and dependency in exchange for free stuff. And the free stuff is quickly running out, while our kids and grandkids are left picking up the tab for our selfish, wasteful gluttony.

There is a lot of controversy related to crowd size, but I'll put in my two cents.

I went to D.C. by myself, full of apprehensions about being a part of an embarrassingly small crowd, perhaps even outnumbered by counter-protesters. I was still apprehensive when I set out from the hotel with a group, of about 8 friendly people from Akron, Ohio, whom I met on the way. I became more encouraged after we went to McDonald's for breakfast and met several more small groups from cities and towns across the U.S.

The protest was to begin with a rally at 9:00AM at Freedom Plaza, the place was packed like sardines and I got separated from my little group of friends. The march to the capitol started at about 10:00AM. I got up on a planter to see the crowd and take pictures (see above). My plan was to wait until the crowd cleared somewhat, then jump in ... I was still waiting an hour later. It was amazing! I kept waiting for the crowd to clear, but they just kept coming and coming. From where? I guessed that they came from side streets, but I later learned that they also came from surrounding parks. And it was still early. Still others marched down alternate routes such as Constitution Avenue.

Pennsylvania Avenue was packed wall-to-wall all the way to the capitol from Freedom Plaza for over an hour. Anyone, who says there were just a few thousand, is just spinning MSM propaganda. There were easily over 300,000 folks and probably over a half million who eventually attended during the day-long event. I spoke with locals who exclaimed that they see protests every week, but they had never seen anything like this!

The ridiculous 75,000 estimate by the D.C. Fire Department was later debunked when the department themselves later released a statement that it was an early estimation specificly of Lafayette Park, not the total number of participants in the entire event. Lafayette Park is a relatively small park just north of the White House; the far larger Presidents Park was also completely filled to the south of the WH, as well as the crowded Freedom Plaza where I started.

Fortunately, the march was successful beyond my wildest dreams, and even the weather cooperated. My frame of reference is from football games; the crowd was the size of several football stadiums full of folks.

Here's a professionally done video of the scene.

Here's a great shot available as a poster for sale from

(click to enlarge)

What you can see is that we surrounded the capitol, unlike B.O.'s inauguration of 1.5 million which filled the mall in the background (see the open, green area). So it doesn't make sense to claim the crowd was small because we didn't fill the mall like the inauguration. The inauguration was held in the mall, whereas the marchers surrounded the capitol.

Here's another one:

So like I say, we were probably a half million strong. There were also large rallies all around the country. I can't wait until April 15th for the next rally, we need another one before then!

This movement is an unstoppable Conservative juggernaut. It will change politics in America; politicians may ignore it at their peril. Hear the thunder from millions of proud Americans?

A storm is raging to take back our country from the Obammunists and restore America as the beacon of freedom which first began as the beautiful dream of our wise and courageous founding fathers in 1776.

As you can see, only old, white men attended the Tea Party:

***Update July 7, 2011: I am thrilled to note that Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), founder of the Senate's Tea Party Caucus, has chosen my photograph shown above, to grace the front of his new book, The Great American Awakening: Two Years that Changed America, Washington, and Me!***

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're to be HIS servants now?

"I pledge allegiance, to President Obama, because the flag is just a cloth.

And to President Obama, without whom I could not stand,

One minion, under his guidance, completely dependent, with Government-run Healthcare and Handouts for all."

-Excuse me while I puke. I thought he was supposed to be OUR servant? Public servant? Ring a bell here?

If you have kids in school keep 'em home September 8. Obeyme has a special indoctrination day planned for them.

After cleaning out congress next year, we desperately need to clean out Hollywood.