Thursday, February 1, 2007

Follow Me Boy (like lemmings over a clif)


Johnny moo moo said...

OMG, that doll really looks like Cliff....LOL!

Although, I couldnt help but notice the doll has bigger balls, whereas Cliff has the balls of a small weasel.

Freedom Fan said...


GI Jane claims that the presence of this silly doll indicates that he's "won"!

So hey congrats, GI. You're a real wienner.

But at the risk of popping his delusions of grandeur, this only took me about 20 minutes in Adobe Photoshop. Gee I wonder how long his impersonation of me and his stalking of me has taken him? Days perhaps.

Johnny moo moo said...




I never would have thought of this.....LOL!


I only briefly glanced at the doll and was struck by the resemblance.

Hmmmmmmmm........wonder if Cliff likes it?


Voltron said...

FF, sorry to hear about your family members passing. I just got back from Clif's neck of the woods. (well, I don't know if it was HIS particular neck, but Kentucky none the less...)

Voltron said...

Johnny, you're probably being generous with the "small weasel" comment...LOL

Voltron said...

We probably ought to be careful though, he'll come in here spouting bible verses...
(just before launching into a verbal assault that would make a sailor blush)

Voltron said...

WOW!, Clif's talking about a "lack of compassion". How do these people look in the mirror?

Johnny moo moo said...

Actually, Rusty is some kind of expert in fake pictures. I believe he discovered some AP pic was Photoshopped.......fake smoke from burning buildings in Lebanon or something?

Also, he contributed in thwarting some kind of plot.....I forget!

Perhaps he could enlighten us?

Johnny moo moo said...

HI Volt! Bad timing!

Im off to bed as Im toast.


Freedom Fan said...

Thanks, Volt.

Voltron said...

Sorry FF, I had to tinker!

Freedom Fan said...

Gawd Volt, that's hilarious.

Freedom Fan said...


Cut it out; you're crackin me up. Did you take those pictures?

KayInMaine said...

Right wingers hate our soldiers and that's why you guys can't stop hurting Clif.

You didn't serve, ya chickenhawks, but Clif did! Ha ha.

Voltron said...

Give me a break.

Cliffy thrives on dishing out as much as he can on other people, and then likes to hide behind his service.

We support the soldiers more than Cliffy does, and he was one.

Freedom Fan said...

Cool nose hairs, dkb.

BTW, I served honorably in ROTC and the Army Reserve for a total of 12 years.

I praised GI Jane for his service, but he prefers to beat his chest like an ape and childishly lords it over his opponents who did not serve in wartime. He is a shameless liar who dishonorably smears the service record of his opponents.

This post is a tribute to GI Jane. He's earned it, baby.

Freedom Fan said...

BTW DeKayInBrain,

Welcome to our little enclave. Here we don't delete posts of our opponents like you did mine when I visited your site.

Conservatives believe in freedom to present all viewpoints -- even warped liberal ones.

Johnny moo moo said...

Odd,I smell fish?

Rusty Shackelford said...

The picture of Col.Klink is great,its so fitting for that ignorant,boring blowhard.

I always suspected Klink had a collection of G.I.Joe dolls which he frequently takes out in the backyard,arranges them in battle poses then throws firecrackers at them,thereby reliving his battlefield fantasy.

Could you imagine being forced to spend two hours at a dinner table with that boring blowhard.I would guess even his wife and kids would be reduced to screaming and running away after a few hours of his boring pontifications.

TalllTexan said...

FF, please accept my condolences on the passing of your loved one. --TT

TalllTexan said...

Johnny, I smell fish as well. Wonder where it's coming from

Freedom Fan said...

Thanks Tall Texan.

Johnny moo moo said...


The new page isnt bad but I dont like the new color; yellowish/green reminds me of the liberal mindset.

FF deserves a round of applause for his performance in Lydias previous thread; he raised many a valid point. I clearly remember him expressing his dissaproval of Bush's U.A.E. deal. Also, their respect for human life on all levels is truly stunning and quite revealing.

It is impossible for me to believe they care so much for the brave soldiers in Iraq when they show extreme disrespect/hatred for ordinary men living everyday life???

Did Carl really use the "N" word? Truly animals.....I would never share a foxhole with these socialist liberal sissy's.

Hey, I have an idea? We could turn on anonymouse comments and, everytime someone posts nasty writings, we can, without evidence, lay sole blame on any individual thus killing boredom and allowing us to entertain ourselves with conspiracy theories.

I wrote a nice piece for a new thread.....I,ll e-mail to ya for approval this weekend.


Why is G.I. Cliff holding a Smurf?

Johnny moo moo said...

FF said

"Welcome to our little enclave. Here we don't delete posts of our opponents like you did mine when I visited your site.

Conservatives believe in freedom to present all viewpoints -- even warped liberal ones."

Sniff! Simply beautiful.....sniff!

Voltron said...

Hi Johnny!

Go ahead and send it an I'll peruse it! (also that's supposed to be gold)


Voltron said...

Oh, and the smurf was the toughest thing he could actually conquer...

Lydia Cornell said...

FF this is extremely rude of you to make fun of Clif, who actually served our country.

Voltron said...

Hey it was like "shake and bake" an I helped!

Freedom Fan said...

FF this is extremely rude of you to make fun of Clif, who actually served our country.
-Lydia Cornell

So did my buddies and I, Ms. Cornell, yet cliffy calls us draft dodgers and smears me with all manner of blatant lies.

He uses his military service as a weapon to bludgeon his opponents whom he refers to as "chicken hawks" as if to imply that someone without experience in wartime may not have an opinion on a war.

His served in the military over 15 years ago, and has done nothing since but sit on his arse and milk the government while whining about the small size of his disability pay. He claims to be disabled, yet is capable of blogging non-stop and is a self-described "adrenaline junkie" who rides motorbikes.

He fought in the Gulf yet shows no more love of our country than ward churchill, and has as little dignity as tim mcveigh.

He has breached blog ettiquette to impersonate me.

He has no honor; I have no respect for dishonest liars such as clif. This goofy tribute is the least we could do.