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Yalta Forward...

The following article has been submitted by freelance journalist Johnny Moo Moo...

Please allow me to expand minimally on my previous thesis regarding
Stalins backstabbing of the west in WWII and its direct link to the Vietnam and Korean Wars. I previously mentioned to Cliff that the Vietnam War was nothing more than the good intentions of the U.S to prevent itself from becoming a lonely island surrounded in a sea of communism.

Stalins deliberate betrayal of the agreements reached at the "Yalta Conference" has produced haunting ripples of political paranoia that can still be felt to this day......period!

Hell, Stalins refusal to shake Winston Churchill’s hand at the" Tehran Conference" would have been more than enough to satisfy me Stalin had nefarious designs of political domination.
"Roosevelt, who had not been a student of history,
or of Russia, or of Communism, like a wild gambler
based his pro-Soviet policy on a hunch. "I just have a hunch," Roosevelt told
William C. Bullitt, "that Stalin... doesn't want any-
thing but security for his country, and I think that if
I give him everything I possibly can and ask nothing
from him in return, noblesse oblige, he wouldn't try to
annex anything and will work with us for a world of
democracy and peace"

"If I can convince him," Roosevelt said to Ross McIntire when talking of Stalin, "that our offer of co-operation is on the square, and that we want to be comrades rather than enemies, I'm betting that he'll come in."


"On February 24, 1945, in violation of the Yalta
pact -- which had been signed on February 11 -- the
U.S.S.R. indicated her unwillingness to co-operate in
the Allied Control Councils in Bulgaria, Hungary, and
Roumania, and on February 27, Andrei Y. Vishinsky,
in another violation of the Yalta pact, insisted by an
official demarche that King Michael of Roumania sub-
stitute Communists and Communist tools for certain
members of his cabinet."

"Stalin promised free elections in Poland, notwithstanding the recently installed Communist puppet government. However, it soon became apparent that Stalin had no intentions of holding true to his promise of free elections. The elections, which were held in January 1947 and resulted in the official transformation of Poland into a socialist state by 1949, were widely considered rigged in favour of communist parties."

"Roosevelt met Stalin's price, hoping that the USSR could be dealt with through the U.N. Some Americans later considered Yalta to be a 'sellout,' because it encouraged the Soviets to expand their influence into Japan and Asia and also because Stalin eventually violated the terms by forming the Soviet bloc."
Cliff has previously retorted that the US backed Diem up instead of backing free elections in Vietnam. BIG DEAL! Imagine that......... Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles imposing the same sneaky tactics that Stalin (murderer of millions) kindly bestowed upon the west which ultimately formed a paralyzing suspicion(McCarthyism if you will) that negotiating with communists, despite the most sincere intentions of peace, inevitably leads to betrayal!

In other words, the democrats failed miserably; the Yalta Conference is 100% proof of this! I do not consider decades of Cold War and constant fear of nuclear war political achievements.

"President Eisenhower and particularly Secretary of State Dulles were determined to prevent this. Hanoi, they believed, would become Communist China's gateway to South-east Asia, and South Vietnam had to be given every chance to develop independently or the small nation would topple like dominoes."

Not signing the Geneva Accord's was clearly the honorable intention of the U.S. to politically combat Ho Chi Minh's effective brainwashing over his people, thus ensuring himself a communist victory and marking another defeat for humanity’s right to freedom. Do we really sit by while democracy shrinks? I think not! Naive, yet, genuine negotiation completely failed.......period!

While not infallible, I believe the U.S. deserves more credit in its efforts to promote global stability despite the blunders of the current administration. And, to those intellectually lazy morons who like to compare republicans to Nazi’s...........

Ten Thousand Day War
Purnells History of the Second World War

Editors notes:
Stalin was Time magazines "Man of the Year" in 1939 AND 1942

After the release of "The Venona Papers" in 1999 we now know that McCarthy was correct, and the Democrats were simply covering for their communist pals.


Voltron said...

There you go Johnny!

I hope you like it.
If you feel any edits or additions are necessary let me know.

February 11, 2007 10:51 PM

Johnny moo moo said...

Outstanding Volt!

But, I suggest all the photos remain on the right side.


Johnny moo moo said...


Loved your perspective on Nicole Smith......excellent insight!

Also, after smoking so many reefers the libs seem to be returning to earth after some serious trippin...... realizing their communist methods of banning speech is strictly for cowards who have designs of world domination.

TalllTexan said...

Excellent essay, Johnny, and thanks for the kind words.

I'm glad that Volt has his blog so that when we are moved to write or post something important, we don't have that wannabe uboat commander (Worf) deleting stuff just to show us he can. Small pond. "Big man." Big deal.

Voltron said...

I'll fix it tonight Johnny, I'm just home for lunch now.

Johnny moo moo said...

TT said

"uboat commander"


Johnny moo moo said...


I have a massive pile of really smelly socks.......thay actually smell like burrito's!


Could you please wash them for me?

Would appreciate.



If you do a good job, I may even consider buying you a new mop?


Voltron said...

Hey Johnny, you were speaking of Lydia's videos on YouTube.

Did you see the one where the guy is trying to hit on her and she turns him down? The whole time it looks like he's trying to get a shot down her shirt.

It's titled "Lydia Cornell, I tried"

I can't figure out if he means he "tried" to pick her up or if it means he "tried" to get a down the blouse shot...

Voltron said...

btw, moved the picture over....

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"Did you see the one where the guy is trying to hit on her and she turns him down? The whole time it looks like he's trying to get a shot down her shirt.

It's titled "Lydia Cornell, I tried"


I have never seen that video until now. The guy's a pig and an idiot......he insults my intelligence.

Good find though!

Johnny moo moo said...

Thanx Volt, for your kind reconfiguring of the thread.

Johnny moo moo said...


The guy with the camera was most likely Mike or Worf?


Voltron said...

I originally designed this site on Firefox at 600x800 and it looks fine that way.
I have noticed though, that I have more work to do to get it to look nice on IE and at larger screen resolutions....LOL

My apologies to those using a different browser or screen resolution.

Something to do on the weekend I suppose.

Voltron said...

Well I gotta get back to it.

I'm trying to shovel about 3 feet of wind driven global warming off my car...LOL

Johnny moo moo said...

I hate serves no purpose except to freeze your nuts solid.

Love the little pic at the top of the blog Volt....very cool!

TT, is the dude wearing the hat in the background. Your the skeleton, and FF is the guy raising his sword in the air. Obviously, Im the guy thrusting his sword outwards with the hot chick beside him.

Voltron said...

Gee, I thought I was the guy thrusting his sword outwards with the hot chick beside him....LOL

Voltron said...

Oh and if you liked that picture, I posted a related banner as a footer.

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Johnny moo moo said...


I just had a heated conversation with three of my four lawyers and they all agreed Im the dude with the thrusting sword as I indicated it first.

You should have said something when you first posted the pic thus clarifying your position.

Sorry ol chum.....LOL!

Of course we could let Judge Judy handle this one? But, Im sure I would least thats what my lawyers told me???

Johnny moo moo said...

I had so many suicide wings tonite my eyes are still watering.......even the Corona's didnt help!

Johnny moo moo said...


Mike is such a smooth little weasel in disguising his hogwash that Im actually thinking of turning the other cheek. His use of theatrics and numerous welfare posts almost have me convinced hes not there to impress Lydia.

Maybe a few good hugs and appeasement is the answer?

Johnny moo moo said...

Funny though, how not one cowardly lib was able to counter my factual post with logic.

Not one!

Then again, what should I expect from a guy who completely fails to defend a girl from a simple comic; sending her running and weeping out the door....LOL!


His smooth lying hogwash doesnt work on me.

"Although," I do find it strange how he vehemently defends Lydia hiding behind a keyboard....LOL!


Voltron said...

Well Johnny, I suppose I don't need no trouble from lawyers...LOL

There is so much paranoia and misinformation over at LC's it's funny. I almost feel sorry for them. (almost)

Johnny moo moo said...

Yea, I hear ya too! All that fake love stuff makes me wanna seriously barf.

But, I must admit people really do tire of war. Im a firm believer in well planned campaigns that achieve their objectives quickly.

Voltron said...

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

Voltron said...

Oh, and me too Johnny. I've often said I didn't like the way this war was handled.

We should've stuck with the Powell doctorine. Go in with overwhelming force, subdue everything and everyone quickly and surely.

Then we should have done much like we did with Japan, write the damn constitution for them and send in missionaries to convert them.

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged"


Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said (regarding nukes)

"Cant we just use a little one?"


No, Volt, not even a little one. But, I do see your logic in making a comparison with Japan.

Voltron said...

Actually Johnny, we would have plausible deniability.

Put a small nuke on a "bunker buster" and target their nuclear facilities.

It'd be sure to take them out, and if anyone gets suspicious about the radioactivity we can blame it on THEIR weapons and nuclear fuel that we destroyed.

Other countries may THINK we used a nuke, but they'd never know for sure...

TalllTexan said...

Volt, here's a nice piece on the surrender monkeys on Capitol Hill. - TT

Lawrence Haas: Democrats should beware of the post-Vietnam syndrome

Lawrence Haas, The Examiner
Feb 15, 2007 3:00 AM (1 day ago)
Current rank: # 11 of 11,681 articles

WASHINGTON - Reading the polls, congressional Democrats are racing to distance themselves from the war in Iraq, competing over who has got the best proposal for a speedy exit of U.S. troops.

History suggests, however, they should look down the road. They may be planting the seeds for a trip to the political wilderness for their party in the near future, akin to what happened after Vietnam.

The parallels are striking. In 1975, a Democratic Congress cut off funds for the U.S. effort in Vietnam. The public, disillusioned over Vietnam and Watergate, elected Jimmy Carter, who promised honesty and applauded the end of “our irrational fear of Communism.”

As America turned inward in the late 1970s, enemies sensed our vulnerability and dangers mounted. The fear of communism was not so irrational after all. In Ethiopia, Angola, Rhodesia and elsewhere, the Soviet Union or Cuba worked to stoke Third World revolution. The Soviets more openly laid bare their expansionist agenda in late 1979 by invading Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Revolution in Iran of 1979 toppled a staunch U.S. ally. The student seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, leading to a 444-day hostage crisis, painted a picture of American impotence.

But, as the decade came to a close, Americans had had enough of defeat and humiliation. Just five years after Americans had bid goodbye to Vietnam and turned inward, they elected Ronald Reagan, who promised to rebuild the nation’s defenses and stop the drift of U.S. foreign policy. Indeed, in that campaign season, Reagan called Vietnam a “noble cause.”

Reagan’s election initiated a long period of Democratic struggle to compete for the White House. While Reagan looked ahead and projected strength, Democrats looked back, focused on the failure of Vietnam, and expressed hesitancy about America’s role in the world. Not surprisingly, voters came to question the Democrats’ ability to protect the nation.

Will history repeat itself? To be sure, the White House seems an achievable target for Democrats in 2008, just as it was in 1976. Public disenchantment with President Bush in general, and with the war in Iraq in particular, should give Democrats a good head start.

Leading Democrats, none more so than their presidential candidates, are disavowing their previous votes or statements for the war and competing for anti-Bush purity. They are demanding that Bush end the war in Iraq before the next (presumably Democratic) president takes office in 2009. Momentum is building to block funding later this year.

But, in playing to their anti-war political base, congressional Democrats are pushing party orthodoxy on foreign policy further to the left. After a two-year campaign, any successful Democratic candidate for president may wind up with little leeway to project U.S. power abroad.

Unfortunately, the world will not likely cooperate with a hemmed-in president. Just as Soviet expansionism in the late 1970s reminded America that the Cold War was still on, so may the aftermath of Iraq remind Americans of the larger struggle at hand. Just as our withdrawal from Vietnam emboldened the Soviets, a withdrawal from Iraq may do likewise for today’s enemies.

Clearly, a failure in Iraq will create a haven for terrorists, including those from al-Qaida whom we are fighting there today. It will create a regional power vacuum to be filled by an increasingly emboldened Iran, which is stoking the fires in Iraq while ignoring international efforts to stop its nuclear program.

The world will grow more dangerous, not less. Failure in Iraq, leading to an exodus of U.S. forces, will provide merely the illusion of peace. The terrorists will challenge the United States in more places around the world while plotting to bring more turmoil to our homeland.

At some point, the nation will recapture its spirit. Taunted by our enemies or attacked directly, Americans will look to the party that is ready to respond in kind. Will Democrats once more be on the losing end?

Lawrence J. Haas, former communications director for Vice President Al Gore, is vice president of the bipartisan Committee on the Present Danger.


Johnny moo moo said...

Good post TT......certainly a thinker! I particularly like this part:

"The world will grow more dangerous, not less. Failure in Iraq, leading to an exodus of U.S. forces, will provide merely the illusion of peace."

I have often thought of this myself.

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"It'd be sure to take them out, and if anyone gets suspicious about the radioactivity we can blame it on THEIR weapons and nuclear fuel that we destroyed."

No, Volt! Any use of nuclear weapons sets an extremely dangerous precedent. This isnt August 1945 where the U.S. is the only country on tne planet with an itchy trigger finger on a new toy.

Things are much different today.......gambling with potential megaton devices is insane! Human emotion & hydrogen bombs do not mix.

Lydia Cornell said...

Thank you Johnny, you are right to tell Volt he's wrong. How can any sane person even think of using a nuke of any size? It's amoral and completely horrifying.

Volt, may I see a photo of you please?

Voltron said...

What, you wanna see if my horns show?...LOL

Seriously, I don't have one online, and I currently don't have a scanner or a digital camera...

I'll see what I can do, I think a friend of mine has a digital camera.
(you may be surprised though, I don't look like your typical conservative)

Johnny moo moo said...

I wanna see what you look like too Volt??

A pic of you standing beside your Wonderbread truck would be cool?

Johnny moo moo said...

I dont think Ive ever seen a real Wonderbread Man before?

Lydia Cornell said...

Okay, where's the photo?

Voltron said...

Dang!, You were serious?


Been a little busy. I should have something up by tonight.