Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amber Alert!

Has anyone seen this man?

Answers to the alias "Freedom Fan", last seen wearing white robes and muttering "damn liberals" to himself....


Freedom Fan said...

LOL. Hi Volt. Hey, it's tax season, whatja expect?

Voltron said...

Sorry FF, just hadn't seen ya in awhile!

Johnny moo moo said...

If only your delete button were this powerful - LYDIA CORNELL - when your lowlife lib friends attacked unprovoked minor girls & African people.

Your sooooooooooocooooooo cool Lyd!

Johnny moo moo said...

Well, Volt, FF, who was at one time my opponent, once told me to never give up the fight..........but where is he now?


Perhaps he now understands my thesis on limits?

Even Rusty hasnt given up.

I suggest we recruit massive reinforcements?

Johnny moo moo said...

And, you too TT........ this is your country and Im starting to feel a little weird defending it by myself.

Your an original mannnnn......its time to rip turban again.


Voltron said...

LOL, I think FF has given up only temporarily Johnny. It's tax time here in the US, and I assume he's an accountant or something similar.

Johnny moo moo said...


Lydia Cornell deleted this post by me:

"Admirably, Ive seen repubs on here admit mistakes & yell foul at certain policies, however, I rarely see a lib admitting wrongs!

In fact, the gay minister still insists in distorting reality by indicating on his site that repubs opposed the civil rights movement.........LOL!


Even Lydia wont own up to this one coz it doesnt conform to her political ambitions..............LOL!"

Did I say something wrong?


Strange! I respectfully disagreed with you Volt on the use of nukes and suddenly Lydia Cornell & her bottle of peroxide appear to congratulate me.

Now, I ask you to submit one post where she publicly scolds/disagrees with Carl for his mis-leading civil rights statement thus showing the same hohorable qualities I exhibited?

Also, you, FF, TT, and myself have suffered some of the most disgusting and slanderous character assissinations on the good christian blog. And, when we fight back, they collectively point their finger & try to invent the scenario that we're the nefarious ones who started it all.

I remember TT warmly indicating that despite the fact they were his political opponents with differing viewpoints, he considered Worf & the other libs his blogging friends..........he was simply dismissed and trampled on.

Where was Sarah Rush and her "Liquid Paper" teeth to lend praise to TT for his attempt at making genuine peace in "bridging the gap?"

Sarah, simply posts new threads, runs away, and then occasionally waddles in to thank her mindless fools for defending real debate or strength of character on her part........ she lets everyone else do her dirty work.

Where was Sarah when Carl slashed viciously at FF's family member who recently passed away?

Nowhere! But, this didnt stop the good peroxide christian from casting FF in a bad light for his GI joke about Cliff.

What about her lying, to get out of a lie, when you exposed her & Worfs bad blogging etiquette?

Not to mention, TT caught her plagiarizeing.

I could go on and on......

Maybe Ann Coulter is no symbol of human perfection, but neither is Lydia Cornell.

Johnny moo moo said...

I once again submit one of my first comments ever on Lydias blog:

"Mankind is incapable of getting along."

Voltron said...


When people are on a mission to save the world the ends usually justify the means. So what if you have to (character) assassinate a few innocents along the way? After all, they MUST be of a lower intelligence if they disagree with your beautiful plans.
And it doesn't hurt to cry foul when your opponents use the same tactics against you.

As for Carl, he's one of the worst of the liberal intelligentsia I've ever seen. Not only is he a vile disgusting waste of human flesh, but whatever resource he digs up to refute your statements is only sufficient for HIS use. He either cannot see where it disagrees with him, or your pointing it out to him makes you a liar.
His smugness in his superiority complex is also less than becoming.
If this man is indeed a minister, he must have been ordained by the Universal Life Church because they ordain everyone who asks.
Carl is the literary equivalent of a drive by hit man. In his indiscriminate barrage innocent truth and knowledge are eradicated.

Wow, I seem to be feeling overly verbose this evening....LOL

Voltron said...

And true Johnny, civil rights legislation passed ONLY because of Republican support during a Democrat presidency. Most Dems voted AGAINST it.

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"The presence of the foreign fighters is hitting them hard in the pocketbook and they are tired of it." A large hospital project - meant to be one of the largest in the Sunni Triangle - had been put on hold by terrorist attacks when al Qaeda had control of the area. Now it's back on track. So are similar infrastructure projects."

Its nice to hear something positive other than Larry's gloomy reports of death......hes such a wonderful humanitarian. In fact, I swear he was looking forward to reporting the 3000th American casualty.

Nevertheless, its been a long, drawn out, expensive war......I really do hope positive reports like this one continue to dominate the headlines!

Im so sick & tired of the ME and their backward bullshit. We should stop immigration & build a giant 5000 foot wall between us & them......f2ck em!

Johnny moo moo said...

Perhaps you missed it Volt due to Bimbo's delete button, but I asked your opinion on Mogadishu and Clintons political decision in abandoning that cause?

Do you feel his decision was justified?

Johnny moo moo said...

Also, did you ever watch "Fear Factor?"

Voltron said...

No Johnny, I don't think Clintoons reaction was justified. If we were going in, we should have went in in a serious way not as "meals on wheels". That's not the purpose or intent of the military. In that regard we probably shouldn't have went in at all.

Once there and attacked however, we should have responded forcefully until the region was subdued.

I knew it was folly when the media showed our military storming the beaches undercover of darkness in the full glare of reporters flood lights. They should've shot every damned "journalist" on that friggin beach.

Voltron said...

And yes LOL, I have watched Fear Factor...

I think I might be able to do most of it execpt perhaps eating the bugs...ick!

Voltron said...

As far as the ME is concerned, I'm still all for turning it into the worlds biggest sheet of glass...

Johnny moo moo said...

"Meals on Wheels"



Well, I respect the U.S and its effort to end genocide & bring stability to that region.....not to mention the pig-outs!

Wonder how Bush Sr. would have handled it if his term had not ended?

Johnny moo moo said...

I thought you wanted to re-program the muslims, not turn them into glass?

Yes, thats the answer - re-program them so they eat hamburgers and act like the Fonz....ayyyyyyyyy!

Voltron said...

Well the libs seem to think reprogramming is torture, so I guess it's out of the question.

Johnny moo moo said...

Joe Rogans gonna be on tonite......should be good!

It starts at 8:00 pm Los Angeles time. I dont know what time it would start for you though......I always forget where you!

Johnny moo moo said...

Yea, well, dont listen to the flower children....your brain will turn to jello faster than LSD.

Voltron said...

Central Illinois Johnny!, Should be around 10pm here.

BTW, check out the Basham blog...

I'm having a little fun...LOL

Johnny moo moo said...

I checked out Dougs blog and I dont like it at all. I have to squint just to read the lettering.

Also, in all fairness, its not right to follow the Bimbo around the blogosphere.....just my opinion!

Voltron said...

Actually Johnny, she followed me.

Voltron said...

Well, now I feel bad. Basham seems like a halfway decent sort. I'm too used to dealing with the morons on the Jelly Doughnut Blog. I went in with guns blazing and I shouldn't have.

He's got his shields up now...

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"Actually Johnny, she followed me."

Why you handsome devil!!

Let me know if she has any cute fat ones please!

Johnny moo moo said...

Yeah, Basham seems cool. But, I hear what your sayin.....we've become desensitized by the Jelly Blog.

I,ll never look at peroxide the same way ever again.

Voltron said...

Well Johnny, I am gonna turn in. It makes for a tough day when I stay up late on week nights...LOL

Johnny moo moo said...

Nite, Volt.

Freedom Fan said...

Hi guys. Thought I'd check in. I'm deep in the heart of Taxes at the moment tho. See you soon.

Johnny moo moo said...


Take your time, its just the same old fried baloney from the Peroxide Blog.

Johnny moo moo said...

Carl the Knob Polisher & Boy Scout Diddler

Lets say your daughter spreads her legs in front of old men at the back of a strip club & gives long, slow, blowjobs to ten bikers.

A good friend of your daughters also working in this gloomy room does the same, only she steals all the bikers wallets.

Later on, the bikers realize they’ve been robbed and positively identify your tramp daughter as the thief.

Attending the court hearing & completely innocent of the charges against her, your daughter may plead “The Fifth” for several reasons.

1. She may want to avoid a well publicized & embarrassing story.

2. She has no desire to rat on her friend who begged her not to tell due to the bikers own brand of justice.

3. She has no chance of winning against ten witnesses who are convinced of her guilt

Johnny moo moo said...

Uhhhhhhhh...........Worf, you stupid moron. You didnt hand anybody’s ass to anyone buddy. I clearly said in my 6:38 pm post:

“However, I do acknowledge credence to what your saying”

Taking up your old bad habits again I see......hmmmmmmmm?

Johnny moo moo said...

Worf said

“If however, your real reason is to protect someone else, and not yourself, then you just lied to the court, and are guilty of trying to mislead the court and obstructing justice.”

Then, you will go to jail.”

No shit professor......but that doesnt stop people from using it for their own justifiable your stupid!

You can also receive a hefty ticket for going over the speed limit, but that doesn’t stop the great majority of people from breaking the posted limit.

Imagine that, using the fifth to protect someone even though your innocent. Well, at least now we know Worfs a RATTTTTTTTTTT!

Johnny moo moo said...

Carl the Goof

The only person in this blog right now who seems to consistently show an interest in other bloggers minor children is you buddy...........wonder how many times you boned your kid asshole!


Don’t ever threaten me you f@cken goof coz I,ll snap your f@cken worthless minister neck like a f@cken chicken .........try me buddy.........seriously!

Johnny moo moo said...

Im not sorry Volt.

With the recovering alcoholic blondes permission, carl the cat cornholer chose to include my daughter in his debate.........again!

If you dont like my retort, I will leave forever.

That fake christian blonde deletes posts that arent half as bad as his.

I,ll be waitin though when she comes out with her finger pointin Ann coulter book...hehe!


Voltron said...

No need to apologize to me Johnny.
Carl is easily one of the most vile over there. Some minister.

TalllTexan said...

Hi, guys. Glad to see the activity on this blog has perked up.

Johnny, I gave blogger a break for a while. I thought about what you said when you came back from your various vacations, about being out in the real world versus being slumped over a computer. I think the answer is balance.

I may wade into the LC blog from time to time, and if Worf deletes my posts, I'll just make sure I have them copied and post them here as well. (That, by the way, would not be a had idea for others as well. Just after you post, hit "cntrl-N" and a second instance of the LC blog should open, and you can go back to it if the need arises. If the "cntrl-N" trick doesn't work, just click on "file" and then "open new window.")

I did that with Worf a few months back when he attacked your offspring. I just opened another window with the LC blog and did my posting in the first window. When Worf deleted his vile posts, I still had them. He wondered how I had those posts the next day when he deleted them within a few minutes. Maybe he should use the "Preview" function and count to ten before he posts.

Anyway, good to see everyone here.

Voltron said...

Nice to hear from you TT. I was wondering about you as well.

You might want to steer clear of the LC blog for awhile. Worf has TOTALLY gone off the deep end.

He thinks everyone is a "paid troll" and is paranoid about being on some "watch list".

I commented on a email I saw on Blackfive's site about a soldier that thinks if the Dems call him home they should clean out insurgents here.

He totally flipped out and accused ME of issuing a "veiled" threat to them (or him) personally. Then claimed I was trying to get him on a watch list. He freaked and even deleted a comment Mikey made about wanting to see Bush and Rove on the gallows...

I think I may have pushed him in that direction a little though because we had a little discussion a couple of days ago, in which I told him I had figured out who he was. (wasn't difficult, other posters inadvertently left clues - and so has he)

That said, I'm not sure why he's so freaked. Leisure Suit Larry keeps insinuating he knows who we are, although from his allegations I know he's incorrect about me anyway. And if someone were really looking they'd find me rather quickly. Name and town, like I told Worf awhile ago, I don't think my street address and phone are out there...LOL

TalllTexan said...

Volt said "He totally flipped out and accused ME of issuing a "veiled" threat to them (or him) personally. Then claimed I was trying to get him on a watch list. He freaked and even deleted a comment Mikey made about wanting to see Bush and Rove on the gallows...

"I think I may have pushed him in that direction a little though because we had a little discussion a couple of days ago, in which I told him I had figured out who he was. (wasn't difficult, other posters inadvertently left clues - and so has he)"

Yeah, I saw that exchange. A little paranoid on his part if you ask me. I also saw where he said that some blogger on TP admitted to being a paid operative, which seems like BS if you ask me since once that admission is made, that "blogger" is no longer effective. More likely a Dem plant posing as a GOP admitted he was being paid. That would play into their wildest fantasies and paranoid delusions. BTW, I also figured who Worf is/was, but I've never mentioned his name. Well, c'est la vie. Speak to you soon.

Johnny moo moo said...

TT said

"Johnny, I gave blogger a break for a while. I thought about what you said when you came back from your various vacations, about being out in the real world versus being slumped over a computer. I think the answer is balance."

Actually TT, I noticed a little Cheeto dust had accumulated on my keyboard so I figured I better go to Cancun......dont want to end up like Worf! :|

Did you take a fancy vacation? Got any exciting stories to tell? Hope you didnt bring your wife otherwise you cant meet any hot! Not to mention you wanna have a little fun.

Always keep those vile posts of us could accidently lose them. Sadly, Worfs blogging etiquette had greatly improved lately and I pretty much forgave him for his past wrongs.

BTW, whats your opinion of my 6:34 pm post? Does it make any sense or am I grasping at straws?

Good to hear from ya.

Johnny moo moo said...

Volt said

"He freaked and even deleted a comment Mikey made about wanting to see Bush and Rove on the gallows..."

Mike actually said that? Wow, in Canada the RCMP would be on your doorstep requesting a little chat.