Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Judge Not!

Just when you think you've got liberals pegged as pretty much evil or stupid somebody comes along and gives a plausible explanation of how you were wrong. (well, for the rank and file anyway)

Meet Evan Sayet, a former writer for Bill Maher and a reformed liberal.

This is a little long, about 40 minutes. It's worth the time though, he will make you think and rethink everything you thought you knew. It's also interesting enough that the time will go by quickly.

I'd give it a must see.


Voltron said...

First off, a couple of good articles I found over at American daily:

Huge Dakota Oil Pool Could Change Energy Climate Debate
By Dennis T. Avery (04/09/08)

"Al Gore is launching a $300 million ad campaign to support the banning of fossil fuels. But our faith in man-made global warming will now be tested by news that up to 400 billion barrels of light, sweet crude oil for America’s future can be pumped from under Manitoba and North Dakota. That’s more oil than Saudi Arabia and Russia put together.

This high-quality oil isn’t controlled by Moslem zealots, or hidden under a federal wildlife refuge. Moreover, it can now be cost-effectively retrieved with computer-directed horizontal oil wells, probably at $20 to $40 per barrel.

The U.S. is blocking new coal-fired power plants. With no coal to burn, natural gas is becoming impossibly expensive. Biofuels are proving worse for the environment than gasoline. Nuclear is “dangerous.” Erratic and expensive windmills have seemed the best the West could do.

But the Bakken Formation in the Great Plains holds a monster oil deposit. Estimates of its potential range as high as the U.S. Geological Survey’s figure of more than 400 billion barrels. The Saudis have 260 billion barrels of proven reserves, the Russians just 60 billion.

Until recently, Bakken was thought too expensive to drill. But oil is now at $100 per barrel. Even more important, new computer-controlled drills can go sideways for hundreds of feet to suck the petroleum out of oil-bearing shale strata, instead of just punching short vertical holes through shallow rock layers.

At the higher end of its potential, Bakken could change the political economics of the world. One hundred billion barrels would be worth $9 trillion at today’s prices. Will America turn its back? Will we give up our autos, airplanes and air conditioners if the oil to power them is affordable and “home-grown”?


* The net global warming since 1940 is a miniscule 0.2 degree C, even after 70 years of unprecedented human CO2 emissions.
* Meanwhile the forcing power of additional CO2 has declined by perhaps three-fourths. There can’t be much left.
* Seven years ago, NASA discovered a huge cloud-controlled “heat vent” in the sky over the Pacific. It emitted enough heat during 1980-2000 to have dealt with a doubling of greenhouse gases.
* The earth has not warmed since 1998, despite a continuing rise in atmospheric CO2.
* NASA now admits the oceans “stopped warming” about 4-5 years ago. The end of the warming trend was documented by 3,000 high-tech Argo ocean-diving buoys.
* The planet actually cooled in 2007, attested by three major temperature monitoring sites. The decline was apparently predicted by a downturn in sunspots that began in 2000.

The earth’s recent warming seems to be part of the moderate natural 1,500-year climate cycle controlled by the sun—which was discovered in the Greenland ice cores in 1983. The three discoverers of the cycle won the Tyler Prize, the “environmental Nobel,” in 1996.

Short-term, there’s a strong 80 percent correlation with both the sunspots and the cycle in Pacific sea temperatures. Both now seem to be predicting a moderate 22.5-year decline in global temperatures. We had a similar decline from 1940 to 1975 - also while CO2 levels were rising. Such “double sunspot cycles” factor heavily in our records of rainfall, droughts and monsoons, as well as in temperatures.

Bottom line: We now find massive man-made warming only in unverified computer models that have consistently predicted far more warming than we’ve gotten. With a downturn in temperatures - and lots of homegrown oil - Al Gore’s anti-fossil ad campaign may not be fully persuasive."

DENNIS T. AVERY is a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC and is the Director for the Center for Global Food Issues. (www.cgfi.org) He was formerly a senior analyst for the Department of State. He is co-author, with S. Fred Singer, of Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Hundred Years, Readers may write him at PO Box 202, Churchville, VA 2442

Voltron said...

Just to break things up, I went on a hilarious rant about Larry at Will's board. I wanted to post this here just so I remember it forever.

"WOW!, I can't believe I didn't tell you about "Larry"...

First off, "Larry" isn't a real flesh and blood person. He's a special computer program designed by Chinese and North Korean hackers.

"Larry" is only the project code name, his real moniker is "Spambot 2.0".

Improved from the "Spambot 1.0", this update not only spams a board with hundreds of copy and paste articles from sources of questionable origin, it also has a random phrase generator that posts statements at the bottom of aforementioned articles with cute comments such as "Are you happy now Bush?" and "Bush loves this!".

One note of caution though,

When someone starts to question "Larry"'s seeming mechanical behavior, another of the board members will temporarily take over the "Larry" identity to try and convince you of his "humanity".

It usually takes the form of short unoriginal and forced epithets.
(much like everyone else there)

There are rumors floating around that a new much needed update, the "Spambot 3.0" is currently being beta tested.

It's supposed to be able to more closely mimic human behavior and have a softer more feminine approach to help counter balance Cliffy's homophobic postings.

I can't find any articles to back up the rumor that this update is code named "Lawrence"...

pretty good no?

Voltron said...

OK, if your through laughing, here's the other article from American daily:

A Good Day, Supreme Court Rules Against Foreign Precedent
By Warner Todd Huston (04/07/08)

"In 2003, then Justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor famously posited that our judicial system should take into account foreign court rulings when deciding American cases prompting outraged conservatives to denounce her idea as endangering American sovereignty(1) and destroying the Constitution of the United States of America. This year, the Roberts led SCOTUS has made an important decision that will serve to forestall that possibility.

In October of 2003, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor gave a speech in Atlanta where she predicted that "over time we will rely increasingly, or take notice at least increasingly, of international and foreign courts in examining domestic issues." Naturally, Americans who revere the Constitution were outraged over the thought that we'd place foreign court rulings before our own law of the land, essentially allowing foreigners to decide questions of American jurisprudence.

The fear over allowing foreign precedent or areas of jurisdiction to overlap into ours raises discussion of the very differences between our system of government and legal traditions and that of the rest of the world. Should we rely on foreign precedent, for instance, the very concept of innocent until proven guilty is put into doubt because foreign rulings will not generally be based on that bedrock principle.

Further, should American courts recognize the kangaroo courts of The Hague and the so-called "International Court of Justice" (or the World Court), foreign institutions such as these would have the authority to incarcerate American citizens for their politically motivated, anti-American "trials" at any time. After all, should we cast away our Constitutional rights by allowing foreign rulings to take precedence over our system, this will be bound to occur. What would stop such a thing from happening, anyway?

In any case, the World Court has already made an effort to intercede in our court system with the case of Medellín v. Texas. In this 15-year-old case, a Mexican national named Jose Ernesto Medellín was charged with murder and was sentenced to the death penalty in the state of Texas. As a result of Medellín's sentence, anti-death penalty advocates in Mexico and other nations took notice and made to intercede with a case brought before the World Court.

Medellín's attorneys and advocates argued that the U.S. was bound by a World Court decision that Mexican officials had won "ordering" a new trial and that the death sentence be vacated. Not only that, but the World Court also "overturned" the sentences of 51 other foreigners who had become death row inmates in American prisons.

As Ted Cruz of Human Events Magazine writes, "The World Court ruling was unprecedented. In over 200 years of our Nation’s history, no foreign tribunal has ever before asserted the authority to bind U.S. courts, much less to reopen final criminal convictions. And, armed with the decision of the World Court, Medellín argued that American courts had no option but to obey."

Well, good news was had with a 6 to 3 decision that favors U.S. sovereignty. (See a .pdf file of the SCOTUS decision.)

The Roberts court ruled that World Court rulings cannot be enforced inside the United States. Since the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, this SCOTUS decision re-affirms that all jurisprudential power is vested in that document and foreign courts, then, hold no power.

As Cruz notes, "If Medellín had prevailed, it would have elevated the World Court above the Supreme Court of the United States, given that foreign court binding authority, and made its far-away judges the final arbiters of the law that governs American citizens."

This ruling should effectively make the dangerous and absurd idea that U.S. courts should pay attention to foreign precedent null and void. Let's hope it is the first of many more rulings that protects American sovereignty."

Mr. Huston has a keen interest in American history in general and political history in particular and writes for several websites and magazines on both topics.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Wow, Voltron. You're way more of a wonk than I am. As for energy, my primary goal would be for us to finally be able to tell these Arab countries to piss off. Hey, have you heard about the push for an Eienhower Memorial. I can get you on board, right?

Voltron said...

Yeah, I'd be on board for an Eisenhower memorial...

As for fuel or power, I'd like to see more green options come on line, but most are not ready for prime time yet.

We're gonna need oil for a while longer until the technologies develop and become cheaper and more reliable.

Whats really despicable is that we have so many reserves here that the enviro-whackos won't let us drill for.

They won't let us drill in the gulf off Florida, yet the Chinese with Cuba's blessing ARE.

Anwar is off limits because it'll harm the Caribou elk or some such crap.
The same was said about the trans Alaska pipeline, and the Caribou have flourished there because of the shelter from the elements the pipeline provides and the occasional scraps of food the workers give them.
(why liberals hate these Caribou so much is beyond me...)

And we can't build new refineries here either.

Not necessarily a 'wonk', but I am passionate about some things.

Voltron said...

Oh and sometime when you get a chance you ought to check out the Evan Sayet video.

It really makes you think.

I know it's long but it's entertaining as well.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Have you ever checked out existentialistcowboy.blogspot.com? That guy makes the Lydia clan look like the Claire Boothe Luce Institute. A lot of 9/11 conspiracy crap. P.S. I've heard that France is 80% nuclear. No good?

Freedom Fan said...

Hi Volt,

Yes, I saw this great speech by former Liberal, Evan Sayet.

He became a Conservative when he realized that Libs really do hate America.

Voltron said...

Hi FF! Good to see you.

Have you noticed I found a new friend?, His name's Will.
Go easy on him, he's a "centrist"...LOL

All kidding aside, he's rational and open to debate which puts him head and shoulders above anybody on the Peace and Love board.

On the Evan Sayet piece, mainly what I got out of it was that liberals are brainwashed that judgement itself is evil and wrong.
(Hence my title) It reminded me of Lydia's group.

Of course they're sure not afraid to judge us though eh?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Stay tuned, gentlemen. I have yet another Lydia Cornell lambasting just around the corner. Existentialist Cowboy, though, have you checked that garbage out yet? tnp

Voltron said...

Hey Will, I just gave EC a glance over. Pretty disgusting stuff.

Rustyridesagain said...

My word,has anyone checked out the leftwing loons level of absolute nervousness over the smackdown Obama received at the debate?I mean,to them its like Charlie and George gave him a wedgie on national T.V..
Obama has had a get out of jail free card from the MSM for the past 9 months and now the libs are beside themselves over a couple of honest questions.
I think the loons realize just how fragile Obama is as a candidate
and were hoping the MSM would coddle him through the general election.Maybe they wont.

Rustyridesagain said...

BTW,who is this enigma4ever crackpot?

Voltron said...


I think the line at the top of Lydia's thread says it all:

"It makes you wonder which side the mainstream media is on."

They just can't believe George Whatshisopolis and Charlie Gibson treated one of their own just like they'd treat a Republican.

Rustyridesagain said...

I agree but they are beside them selves.I mean they are picketing ABC,these nuts thought all of america feel exactly the way they do and that B.Hussein Obama should have his path to the white house covered with rose petals.
I think Billyjoe and Nancysue down in Bumfuk Alabama care very much what Obama sat and listened to for 20 years.

Voltron said...

Oh I understand.

I think people know that those you associate with reflect on the person as well.

And it's not just the good revrund Wright either. There's Bill Ayers, the weather underground guy, and one that hasn't been publicized too much yet was his "mentor" in Hawaii, a communist.

And they are quick enough to point out EVERY single connection a Republican may have.

Funny they can't stand the same scrutiny.

Rustyridesagain said...

Obama has way too many issue's to answer for.I cant believe the dems did'nt vet this guy before they threw everything behind him.I mean the only thing he ever did was make a speech.I think they thought they had another JFK.....oops.

Voltron said...

I think he's getting his just desserts.

His rise in Chicago politics was on the backs of his opponents personal shortcomings.
I read a good article on that awhile back, I'd post it if I could remember where I read it.

The dems are gonna screw this one up and we'll end up with McCain.

No offense, but I was really hoping for Hillary...LOL

I can't stand McCain.

I think we could block most of Hillary's bullshit for 4 years until we can get a better conservative candidate.

Voltron said...

And you know what? I WAS worried about Obama because of his holier than god persona.

But now that the luster is coming off of him, his naive ineptness may just end the Dem party if he is elected.

I really don't know what to do.

I can't vote for McCain. He's stabbed us in the back far too many times to be rewarded with the presidency.

I really don't know if America could survive an Obama administration.

Hillary's ego and sense of entitlement doesn't endear her to me either, but right now she seems the lesser evil. (or at least the KNOWN evil)

Voltron said...

Oh and congrats on pissing off enema4ever...LOL

Rustyridesagain said...

Enigma was easy,she's way too emotional over Obama.
Hold you nose and vote for McCain,I'm not overjoyed by him but would you rather have Obama...could you imagine Rev.Wright at the white house.

Rustyridesagain said...

I've been deleted at both LC and Enigma's blog....I feel so....what do I feel? Vindicated!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Another far-left wack-job to report on, Voltron. The individual goes by the name of 1138 and can be reached at bethat.blogspot.com. Accepts no criticism of Obama, WHATSOEVER, spins the "typical white person" comment to the point of making those who criticize him for it the actual villains, and accuses McCain of staying in an "upscale POW camp" (oxymoronic or what?) Check it out and please leave a comment. I'd love to see you play some devil's advocate there. Later, bro.