Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Lin Biden

Just a couple of jokers...

There you have it folks, the Messiah's choice of typical white person Biden shows how little confidence he has in his own experience. He had to go with a Washington insider to gain credibility on foreign policy.

Proof positive he's afraid of taking a risk. There goes your change. (and dollars too)

Biden, a known plagiarist who can't even remember whether or not he paid to go to law school, (If he didn't pay, he got his money's worth) has accepted the VP slot from the clean and articulate black man Obama.

Obama, albeit intelligent no doubt, (to bad it doesn't show without a teleprompter) mentored by communist Frank Davis, friends with terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn and spiritually nourished by America hater Jerry Wright. His largest crowds were drawn by having a concert first, one in Europe and one in Oregon, the one in Oregon opened with a band called "The Decemberists" who open their shows with the Soviet national anthem.

Biden, a brainless wonder of Washington who almost got kicked out of law school for plagiarism, whose been wrong on almost every issue, the "I think I've got a higher IQ than you" candidate. Obviously not an elitist eh?. It's funny enough watching him stick both feet in his own mouth, but it should be hillarious watching him stick his feet in BO's. It should be an ethnic slur a minute...LOL

There's a ticket that'll make the world love us again. It's one thing if we like our president, but electing one simply because "THE WORLD" loves him is a ridiculous prospect at best, and the desire of a small mind at worst.

Oh and what a dis to Hillary too. 11 million votes, carried states Obama couldn't and not even vetted? What's a girl to do? The Dem Convention promises to be a real hoot to watch.

Muslim jihadi selected to speak at Dem Convention!

"Given the Obama campaign’s sensitivities, some critics question why Dr. Ingrid Mattson, president of The Islamic Society of North America or ISNA is being given a prominent role at the Democratic National Convention’s “interfaith gathering,” which kicks off the Denver convention on Sunday.

The ISNA is suspected of having ties to radical terrorism organizations worldwide and was identified in the recent Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial by the government as an “unindicted co-conspirator.” During the Holy Land case, which ended in a mistrial, and is scheduled for a new trial this fall, the government said documents show ISNA is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical organization that calls on Muslim organizations in America to dedicate themselves to “a kind of grand Jihad” against the West."

Muslim given prominent role at DNC

Just say no to:


clif said...

Why do those images bespeak more of your insecurity issues then anything else son?

clif said...

Could it be three showers a day?

Voltron said...

"Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

You're well consoled Clif.

clif said...

Well Robert Louis Stevenson must have seen the gutless reich wing chicken hawk brigade a comin' did he granny hips?

sara said...

Hey you wanna talk about frickin porn my dear how about we discuss mcLOSER calling his wife the cu#$ word or making jokes about women getting raped.

The frickin LOSER has no respect for women not even his wife.

sara said...

Isnt it frickin disgusting that LOSER mcain makes jokes about a woman getting raped and finds it amusing.

Also didnt the LOSER also have a fundraiser associated with his campaign that said women enjoy being raped, why does this ignorant, deranged, warmongering chauvanist get a free pass with the media, he should be in a strait jacket in a looney bin or Alzheimer's clinic rather than a frickin presidential candidate.

sara said...

I'm wondering if the little conservotard snake runnin his forked little tongue knows how frickin stupid and ignorant he actually sounds.

Here's a little advice honey, keep yer mouth shut and dont actually say anything, you'll "LOOK" smarter that way!

sara said...

Just what i thought the "litttle man" blew his load in like 30 seconds and slithered off.

Better stick to the frickin Viagra pops, and have fun at the con con you'll fit right in gramps, 3000 old men sounds like your frickin cup of tea.

Voltron said...

Sorry little girl, I didn't realize you'd were board hopping.

First off sweetheart, I'm NOT a McCain supporter.

Secondly, if you want to talk about someone else sounding ignorant you might want to invest in an english course at the local community college, take some grammar lessons and expand your vocabulary just a tad.

sara said...

" I didn't realize you'd were board hopping.".........

I belive we were speaking of sounding ignorant, right, please clue me in my dear as to wtf "you'd were board hopping" means, is that like ignoramus speak for I like invaded your precious conservotard echo chamber?

Just so you dont remain ignorant, i'll have you know i have a 4 year college degree that i'm working 3 jobs without frickin health insurance to pay off because greedy bastards like you want to waste our money waging war instead of helping people with free health care and free or partially subsidized educations.

Read my shirt you little prick, that goes for the act itself as well as all the greedy frickin war mongers like mcLOSER and the goons that support him.

clif said...

I'm NOT a McCain supporter.

So your gonna vote for Bob Barr?


You will pull the McInsane handle even though you claim to hate it.

Cause if Obama gets in with a super majority in congress, you KNOW the right wing is as finished as it was in 1932.

Even if a reactionary right winger like you do VOTE for the senile old foole he ain't gonna win.

Voltron said...

That my dear was a typo. At least my comment wasn't laden with "words" like: "like", "frickin" or "dude"...

As to your health insurance and college expenses, I'm not sure why you think your neighbors and I should have to pay them, but at least by reading your narrative I can say you certainly didn't get your money's worth and should apply for a refund.

clif said...

That my dear was a typo.

Sara like his typo about three showers a day back in Aug of 06

Voltron said...

I also find it hard to believe that at THREE jobs not one offers at least partially subsidized health insurance.

McDonalds does, as does Walmart.

Hell, one of my first jobs as a teenager at a gas station did.
I didn't take advantage of it because I was young and didn't feel like I needed it. There was also a small monthly co-pay that I didn't want taken out, but that was MY choice.

Life is full of choices sweetheart. Not everybody can be held liable for yours.

thereturnofRusty said...

Thought I'd just make a gereral observation of poor Sara who seems to have found her way here.
If she is a product of America's public school's the RNC should
run her posting's as an example of how being beholden to the teachers union's have bankrupted the country's educational system.
If her parents paid any part of her college tuition I'm guessing they cry themselves to sleep each night knowing they might just as well flushed the money down the toilet.
I could'nt begin to guess just what she degreed in that results in her working three jobs....perhaps it was "Space Administration."
Would'nt it be frightful if her and Mike procreated together.....naw,that could'nt happen...could it...oh god I just got scared.

thereturnofRusty said...

Does anyone know who this Average Patriot is?He post's over at LC and a few others.This person fits a real and true discription of a crackpot.I've said this before and I'll say it again...I find it a bit disconcerting that people like him,Mike and Sara are running around loose among the gereral population.Just think,tomorrow you may be standing in line at the supermarket and one of these nitwits could be standing bedind you.

clif said...

Beats the hell out of the right wingers who run around with guns wanting to shoot up churches or democratic leaders including the right wingers who were just arrested in Denver.

thereturnofRusty said...

ATTENTION!!!!! LC's resident military expert is in the room.Col.Klink himself and he actually posted something without cutting and pasting anothers words....will wonders never cease.
Klink as you can see I did'nt group you in with three LC crackpots.Reason being,you're harmless,you dont have an original thought and being on welfare have the time to scour the net searching out meaningless articles to post,so no harm no foul in your case.

thereturnofRusty said...

BTW....what either active or former military person did you bash today?

Voltron said...

Hi Rusty! How'd the vacation go?

As for Cliffy, he's still smearing McCain as usual. I'm sure there are others in the military who haven't been granted Clifs approval of their level of excellence, but I haven't been over there today to see who.

(Interestingly enough, the military doesn't seem to care what Cliffy thinks...)

I really think Clif should start his own Milblog.

I know he disapproves of Blackfive, maybe he could call his "Pinkfive" or something.

clif said...

As for Cliffy, he's still smearing McCain as usual.

If the truth is a smear so be it dolty boy.

BTW about the pink thingy son;

I wouldn't wanna steal your pink pajama circle jerk chicken hawk mantra from you, will and crusty the clown.

You gutless pusses are the pink bros and will always be ........

sara said...

Voltron said...
I also find it hard to believe that at THREE jobs not one offers at least partially subsidized health insurance.

McDonalds does, as does Walmart.........."

Well dude its no surprise that out of touch frickin elitists like you and mcLOSER wouldnt believe that normal people arent magically provided with health insurance and that its not frickin affordable for normal people struggling to survive.

As for frickin Walmart and McDonalds, they dont provide insurance my dear, they charge for it and its quite a bit of money for schlubs making 6 bucks an hour.

Besides dude, i'm above working at McDonald's and Walmart, thats more your speed, unfortunately President Shit For Brains and his sidekick mcLOSER have created a McDonald's country where decent paying jobs for college graduates, health insurance and affordable educations for normal people are nonexistent.

Once Barack Obama takes over that should change and greedy frickin bastards like you and mcLOSER will be forced to pay your fair share of taxes for the good of our country, bot you greedy, useless buttfucks.

sara said...

"Hell, one of my first jobs as a teenager at a gas station did.
I didn't take advantage of it because I was young and didn't feel like I needed it. There was also a small monthly co-pay that I didn't want taken out, but that was MY choice.

Life is full of choices sweetheart. Not everybody can be held liable for yours............"

Dude your talking about the frickin dark ages like 40 years ago when company's actually paid insurance or provided it cheaply to today when its out of reach for mosr normal people. I assure you my dear health insurance is more than a "small co-pay, its more than most peoples rent or car payment.

Life is full of frickin choices huh dooche bag, well this frickin country cant be held hostage to your selfish choices either. When you are forced to pay your fair share for the common good you can choose to take the cowards way out dude since thats the only frickin choice you seem to know.

sara said...

thereturnofRusty said...
Thought I'd just make a gereral observation of poor Sara who seems to have found her way here.
If she is a product of America's public school's the RNC should
run her posting's as an example of how being beholden to the teachers union's have bankrupted the country's educational system."

Dude since we're talking of the educational system failing people, please clue me in as to wtf "gereral" means, is that like ignoramous speak for geriatric or somthin?

The DNC should run your post my dear as evidence why we need to put money into paying for education and how important it is to frickin vote smart, is there a frickin IQ level you need to fall below to be a conservotard goon like you?

sara said...

Do these conservotard goons even know they are frickin LOSING big time, Hillary Clinton just frickin bitchslapped the conservotards tonight.

There isnt a frickin woman alive with a brain who would vote for you LOSERS, you lost the women vote and you lost the military vote for good.

clif said...

Unity 08 the PUMA fraud failed miserably ......

But the Pon Paul alternate convention is REAL

If ya wanted Volt they have a place fur ya.

They are a little unhinged and far, far to the right for me, but you might just fit in.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I have a bone to pick with you, Voltron. I don't like the way that you so casually dismissed my suggestion of Mike as Secretary of Energy. I mean, come on, man, who BUT Mike could solve not just our energy crisis....but the entire world's? I implore you, reconsider. Good one? LOL

thereturnofRusty said...

Sara is absolute proof the DeVry does indeed graduate steller students.

thereturnofRusty said...

Took a brief gander at god,Col.Klink has set a cut and paste worlds record.Does this peabrain ever have an original thought?

Freedom Fan said...

Obama who, Volt?

Hey what great timing; what a fantastic choice for VP.

McCain is running a very impressive campaign; hardly any mis-steps.

In contrast, the Obamunists utter a gaffe every other sentence; they are not nearly as good at lying as Schrillary and Shlickmeister.

The debates will be excellent. They will force the ObamaNation into uh, uh, specific positions ... watch him cock his head to one side, look at his shoes and shuck and jive, while McCain's shreds him with straight talk.

Then Biden will have his hands full, since he won't be able to smear Sarah Palin without looking like a loathsome bully. So he will need to become ... well a completely different person.

The Obamunists have grand plans for CHANGing the U.S. Specifically, they will hike taxes on working folks to extraordinary heights, then give most of it back to po' folks without little if any taxable income. Voila! A "tax cut".

Hey, now that's CHANGE that Ayers, Wright and other Obamunists can believe in.

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you will lose another Dhimmicrat voter.

Voltron said...

Hi FF!,

Yeah I'm really excited about McCain picking Palin.

I heard her name being kicked around and read up on her. She's the best pick he could've made, but I didn't think he had the brains to do it.

I WAS going to write in Duncan Hunter, but with Mrs. Palin on the ticket I WILL vote for her.

Who knows, if the moonbats are right and McCain's on his last straw maybe we'll get 3 or more years of a Palin presidency!

I certainly don't see her keeping quiet either if McCain tries to screw us. (and you know he will at some point)

Voltron said...

Wow I just upped their comment count...LOL

ONE single post from me and they ramble on for another 30.

Too funny!

(Oh and someone tell sara that Obama hasn't been a senator for "decades"... snicker)

thereturnofRusty said...

My goodness Mike,Klink and Sara the trifecta of stupidity.

thereturnofRusty said...

Did you see where the fair implanted Lydia gave kudos to Sara for her intellegent and humorous comments.If Sara did indeed graduate from any accredited school she should receive a full rebate for any tuition paid.

sara said...

Voltron said "(Oh and someone tell sara that Obama hasn't been a senator for "decades"... snicker)....................."

No one needs to tell Sara anything my dear, Obama was a state senator from 1997-2004 and a United States senator from 2004-2008, since "decades" is frickin defined as anything thats like more than a decade or 10 years i do believe 13 frickin years is like more than a single decade.

Unless conservotard goons count differently than normal educated and intelligent people do.

You really should change your tune and support investing in education, you and your ignorant frickin goon squad are a textbook example of why its so important.

Now have a nice night sweetie, Sara's going out for the night.

thereturnofRusty said...

Volt,I realize your the only one here allowed to post on LC without being deleted so I thought Id ask you....this Average Patriot who comments over there is kidding around with the insane things he'nt he?

If that guy is serious he truly is a bit more then sick.He post those idiotic comments and the lemmings there never disagree with him...I mean to tell you that idiot is scary.

Voltron said...


No Rusty, he's quite serious.
(and it is scary indeed)

Voltron said...

To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure why I am allowed.

I know that Larry was deleting everything I posted for quite awhile but I haven't seen him around recently.

I do try to be respectful even when they're not. But that's because I believe if anyone is watching it makes THEM look bad.

I also don't think Lydia is aware of everything that's being done in her name. Awhile back she questioned my absence and I emailed her and told her the reason she hadn't seen any of my posts. That and the fact that Bart wants me to post since he likes to challenge them...LOL

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Eleven years, Sara (1997-2008), that's 1.1 decade.