Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is the original version before it was pulled and re-edited by NBC... Enjoy!


Freedom Fan said...

Thanks, Volt. I have been curious about this.

Interesting how briefly Soro's caption "Owner, Democrat Party" flashes up there.

Also interesting how the segment where Barney Frank's responsibility for the meltdown was cut out.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Hey, did you see how Lydia says that McCain actually crashed 7 planes. Seriously, though, does she just make this stuff up or what?

Voltron said...


I don't know if SHE does or not, but she reads many other pieces of left wing er, ah, "literature" that do.

Her and hers simply believe them because it fits their world view.

Voltron said...

Oh and regarding Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL, dig this:

"SNL," with Palin as a guest, averaged a 10.7 rating/24 share in the 56 metered markets, according to preliminary estimates released Sunday by Nielsen Media Research. It would be the highest-rated "SNL" since March 12, 1994, when Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan was the host and Aretha Franklin the musical guest.

Those numbers also would make "SNL" the third-highest-rated show of last week, including primetime, following ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" (12.0/18) and CBS' "CSI" (11.2/17)."

"Saturday's show was up 161 percent compared with the average in October 2007 (4.1/10). It was up 47 percent compared with the October 4 "SNL," which averaged a 7.3/18."

-By Paul J. Gough - Reuters

Voltron said...

With Liberal bastions like SNL and AOL giving aid and comfort to conservatives, I'm not so sure there will be an Obama victory.

Of this I'm certain, there will be no "landslide". IF Senator Government wins he'll definetly have to eke out a very close race.

And frankly with McCain now on the rise again in the polls and only a couple of weeks to go to the election, McCain has a very good possiblity of pulling this off.

thereturnofRusty said...

I'm about to admitt McCain's quest is lost.I'm sorry the conservatives could'nt come up with a better candidate...either Romney or Mike.

I'm now focused on what the far left loons are going to say when Barry cant deliver universal healthcare,does'nt bring the troops home at once and cannot deliver on all the spending programs he promised.

I think Bush pushed the bailout package knowing the dumbs would endorse it thereby ensuring president BHO would be saddled with another 7 or 800 billion in debt and would be hamstung trying to increase spending.

Where is BHO going to get the dollars to fund his programs?The loons always want to increase corporate they really think those cost are'nt going to be pushed down to the consumers?

Increase capital gains taxes...yea,thats a good idea...lets destroy small businesses....the biggest source of new jobs the past ten years.

Yes,I think BHO is going to get elected,but he's going to be in very deep water.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Have you guys heard that Biden received 5 student deferrments during the Vietnam war (the same as Cheney)? And then, after Law School, became magically diagnosed with asthma (despite having been a lifeguard for years). Look, I've been critical of Cheney on this account. If I ignored it here, I'd be a hypocrite. I'm not a hypocrite.