Friday, March 20, 2009

AIG: Who's fault?

The collapse of Freddie/Fanny: Who's fault?

Note that this photo is obviously photoshopped!
Barry's feet appear to be below the surface of the water...


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I swear to God, man, I did my anti-Barney thing before I saw this. LOL You did have something on him a while ago, too, right?

Voltron said...

Yes Will, I had a a couple of things...



Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Raines advises Obama but he wasn't an "adviser". As Orson Scott Card pointed out, if the right ever tried to get away with nitpicking like that, they'd have been crucified 1) by the media and 2) by clowns like Clif. A major double-standard here.

Voltron said...

I know Will, I had that argument about Raines with Clif and Bart.

I was accused of being a liar.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Bush was right. Frank was wrong. I mean, I know that Mike and Clif aren't going to like the fact that it came from Fox and all but, seriously, they cannot dispute the very words that came from the mouth's of these guys; Bush, Frank, and McCain, CAN THEY?


I've been banned from the Lydia Cornell blog and she's deleting my comments.

Because its easier to slander someone if they can't respond.

Next time she badmouths me ask her to let me post the two claims she made Sunday about Sara and Jackie and then post her completely different story she made tonight.

I'd post them but they're copyrighted so I'd want her permission to do so.

But if she's right, and "I"M" lying, and she's not, then surely she would have no problem with me posting them.


Voltron said...

Done Bart.

Just tell me when to pull the trigger.

Voltron said...

"Because its easier to slander someone if they can't respond."

Yeah, I've been on the receiving end of that too....


Voltron said...

I got lost in the last 10 or so posts on Lydia's latest thread.

It went back and forth too many times for me to count.

Am I currently accused or apologized to?

Voltron said...

And my "feigned outrage"...

I have a draft post here I've been sitting on for a couple of years and right now I'm considering posting it.

AND I haven't even updated it with the latest lies she's told.

Voltron said...

I missed this the first time I read it, but did you see that YOU'RE the one "riding along with MY feigned outrage"?

Evidently we've gotten around to I started it and your piggy backing on me...LOL


Never mind we are eternally opposed politically. Somehow I'm "riding" your "feigned outrage".

Well, its not feigned if you've been wrongly called someone for a long time.

I'm just going to let it go though. She's deleted all the comments she doesn't want people to see anyway.

I tried responding to her latest claims tonight, challenging her to allow me to post the excerpts from her email on Sunday and from the one yesterday and let the people judge for themselves who was telling the truth, but she would have none of that.

She deleted the comment and now has "Comment Moderation" turned on so I can't respond so what's the use?

I'm just walking away from it.

Voltron said...

I understand Bart.

I thinking of walking away myself.

Like I said, with all that spinning I'm not sure whether I'm accused or apologized to at this point.


All I know is I was told something that shocked me on Sunday and made me feel betrayed and deceived.

Then Sunday night the same people who she just said were her friends showed up berating me, Jim, and Jackie. Jim even said something about calling Jackie and telling her "not to post that". Then he denies he meant the Jackie we were just talking about and acted like we were stupid for thinking he meant her. Even though he had mentioned her comments!

I mean what's up with that???

And when he taunted me he hit on the same key points Lydia had just got done badgering me on in an email. He used similar words and phrases, which I could show you if I had her permission to repost the emails which I do not, so I'll honor her wishes but they're the same. Its like when he claimed last night that I was "ruining her GOOD MISSION" and she had just 10 minutes earlier accused me of "ruining her GOOD WORK". And the both wrote it in all caps.

He sounds just like her to me. Lock stock and barrel. So I don't know. If he called in to the show then I guess its not her but anyone could call in and say they were Jim. And just because he may be a real person doesn't mean he doesn't let her use his identity or something. Maybe she logged in as him to harass me without people seeing it was her. Or maybe there was some collaboration on the back end. I don't know. Or maybe its just as she would say, all one big coinkydink.

I just don't know.

And that's the problem. When she wrote me what she did Sunday, I suddenly didn't know who was who. Because what she was telling me didn't jive with what I had been led to believe before.

So take the fact that she's telling me Jackie is a "friend" of hers, and here is suddenly both Jackie AND Jim attacking me, what was I supposed to think? Especially with Jim sounding so much like her?

My reaction was to assume the obvious. That she and others were essentially "gaslighting" me, and using deception and trickery to harass and I guess drive me off.

And I still don't know that that isn't what happened. All I know is she repeatedly called me a liar, indicated I was insane, etc and won't let me post the two short paragraphs I need to post in order to clear myself of these accusations.


Like I said, with all that spinning I'm not sure whether I'm accused or apologized to at this point.

Well I'm sorry for calling you Sara or Jackie, that's for sure. I know you are neither of them. And the rest of your position is certainly now as credible as anyone's. Maybe even more so given recent disclosures.

I can't really say I completely trust you completely, given who you are but at least I know now that I was wrong about several things about you. And I was wrong about those things thanks to my "friends".

Voltron said...

I caught that with Jim and essentially called him on by mentioning it.

He claimed he was just joking.

Like I said, I believe you.

And I believe you because it's been done to me too. I know I can't prove it to anyone's satisfaction, but what I posted in my first post on the last thread was the truth as I know it.

I honestly don't have any sock puppets.

That was really how I came to Lydia's blog.

AND I don't personally know or associate with anyone else I've met online. I've exchanged an email or two with FF, Johnny, TT, Will and even MCH.

But I've talked to YOU more than I have them.

As to the events I described, that was how I honestly felt and how I personally saw them.

Voltron said...

Well, I have to say I do trust you at this point. (never thought I'd say

I too have a sense of justice, and I don't have to see what went on with you personally because I've already seen it with my own eyes, and heard it from more than one other person.


Truthtron said...

I honestly don't have any sock puppets.

I think I actually believe you.

Lydia's not a bad person though. I'm not saying she engaged in anything either. Just knew about it. But knowings bad enough when you let a friend make a fool of themselves accusing someone else when you knew all along who it was. Also I still don't know what to make of this Jim guy. I'd like to believe they're not the same but when I read his words I see her. It sounds like her. He says almost the exact same things to me using almost identical and sometimes identical terms. So I don't know. Which is why its time to move on.

I just think there was a lot distrust sown by that MCH guy early on, and he went out of his way emailing Lydia and this entire freaking campaign to get her to ban me.

He even admitted that that's what he was doing in a debate one time, I think you were there.

His goal was always to drive a wedge between Lydia and me and it worked. And now he has what he wanted. A bartlebee free blog.

Voltron said...

I agree, I essentially said the same thing in reply to your email.

I had another question in there I wanted to ask, so check it out if you would.

Doesn't have to be right away in any case, cause I'm pretty tired and probably gonna turn in early tonight.


Well anyway that's about it for me. Thanks to you my devoted enemy, permitting me to vent my spline in your blog like this.

Perhaps its time for us to all stop the partisan nonsense and start looking at what we have in common.

Course its not enough to say it, is it? Practicing it means baby steps but in time even baby steps can carry you a long way. I hope you and Mike find some common bonds. And don't be so right wing and stop listening to Rush and Coulter. They'll rot your mind. And you've got a good one so don't waste it on their nonsense.

Lydia's right about the peace love lets get along thing, whether she practices it is another thing but she's right to admonish it.

Anyway I plan on taking a long sabbatical from the blogosphere for a time yet to be determined, but definitely a long time. I'm too disillusioned to continue.

So, since I can't leave my adieu in her blog as comments are in "moderation" state to keep me out, I'll leave my last little diddy in yours Volt. You always did provide the opposition with an equal voice, and that's something to be admired. You also as far as I know, always kept a mutual trust, which I can't say about most. So thanks for letting me post and my spline thanks you for the venting thereof.

So I guess that's it. In the words of Bilbo Baggins, I don't know half of you half as well as I should like.

And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

That's it.

Live Long and Prosper

Voltron said...

Dif-tor heh smusma Bartlebee.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm still confused, gentlemen. Who are the puppets and who are the puppet masters? I mean, there's got to be some Larry stuff going on, right? And I do agree with you, Bartlebee. Lydia does seem like a decent person who's evolved in some positive ways. I just wish she was better served by certain others.

Voltron said...


Just from what's been posted on the current thread you could deduce the following:

Lydia said she "thought" Jackie was Larry.

Then she say's it couldn't have been him BECAUSE he was "out of state"...

If you click on Lydia's name and look at her profile, at the bottom Larry is still listed as a team member of her blog. Even though someone in the last thread claimed he is NOT the administrator.

That means he has the login credentials to administer the blog with all the rights that entails.
(posting threads, deleting comments, moderating, etc.)

Now, in this day and age of laptops, smart phones, pda's and libraries with computer access, how does simply being "out of state" PREVENT him from posting or administrating the blog?

At the least that was a diversion. At the most an outright lie.

Larry IS Jackie. Lydia just decided she doesn't want anyone to know that for certain, especially Bart.

And you notice that she's still trying to insinuate that I may be Jackie, Unless I post and deny it.

So even though she KNOWS Jackie isn't me, she's still trying to accuse me.
AND allowing everyone else to believe I may be Jackie.

Voltron said...

No Fear said...

"We have NO idea who Jackie is...We don't know Sara...

Lydia Cornell said...

"Volt - stop playing games.

Volt - I have never lied.

Sara is not a troll and never said anything against you or me.

Sara is a friend and supporter of yours! And I guessed it by myself not long ago.

She is the only woman who visited this blog.

I do not have any idea on earth who Jackie is

Obviously I was wrong about you Volt.

Jackie is someone else, that used to be a friend of mine.


I thought Jackie might be Larry.


I'm sure Jackie is Volt

To Volt: I apologize for thinking you were Jackie.

For you to make a leap like that and ride along with Volt's feigned outrage..."

And this:


I will not stand for being accused."

But evidently she will stand and accuse others...

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

So, Larry is Jackie. Does that mean that Larry is also Sara? And what about No Fear? Is he a real person or is he a sock puppet of someone? Man, do I ever need you to sort this stuff out for me. LOL

Voltron said...

I'm not sure how much I can sort out for you Will. The only thing I'm ABSOLUTELY certain about is none of them are me.

The only thing I can say right now is I believe Larry is Jackie.

Even though Jim says neither of them know who Sara is, Lydia claims she does and it's the only woman who ever visited her blog.

That leaves out everyone currently posting and Kay Insane too...LOL

I'll bet on Suzy Q.

I realize you probably don't know those two as they were before you.

I'll post a link to their blogs if you'd like.

Voltron said...

At this point I believe Jim "No Fear" is real.
(He does seem to be in close communication with Lydia though)