Sunday, May 15, 2011


Water-Boarding Was Necessary To Keep Americans Safe

Here's the portion of the interview that you soon will see repeated everywhere:

Hugh Hewitt: "Any doubt in your mind, Vince, that we did use information developed from enhanced interrogation techniques to get [Osama Bin Laden]?"

Vince Flynn: "Hugh, I said on your show years ago ... that Khaled Sheik Mohammad -- we water-boarded the heck out of him and ... this guy ended up spilling the beans to the point that he literally was up on a white board with a marker diagramming the organizational structure of Al Qaeda, telling us where their bank accounts were in Germany, where their cells were -- it was a font of information."

Ergo water-boarding worked; Dubya who authorized it and others who did it are heros, whereas B.O., Pelosi, and Holder who wanted to treat our heros as war criminals, are either complete morons or are intentionally endangering our national security for political purposes, or both.

Here's the complete transcript. or listen here.


anonymous said...

A fiction author and right wing gas bag co-signing each other bullshit and lies.


Freedom Fan said...

Anonypuss: Maybe you're alive today because of evil waterboarding.

anonymous said...

I doubt it wanna be gandalf.

I ain't a pussy like you seem to be.

dmarks said...

anon: Yeah... but aside from your ad-hominem attacks, are you actually going to address the facts raised?

Your attacks are so silly. Winston Churchill too was a fiction author. So?

As for 'doubting it', sorry you are uninformed. Effective interrogation tactics have done nothing but good, in the fight against evil.

anonymous said...

Effective interrogation tactics

do not include water boarding or other forms of torture,

The people who actually do the interrogating and not just sit on their arse and write or bloviate say so.

Winston Churchill didn't just sit on his arse and bloviate like the two clowns freedum fan quoted. Churchill actually achieved things in the field, unlike Hewlitt or the fiction writer who does nothing else. They both sit on their arses and bloviate either by mouth or keyboard.

PS: keep quoting right wing talking points that people who KNOW the facts dispute with evidence and experience, and you''l fit right in this right wing fringe echo chamber quite well.

Freedom Fan said...

Flynn is not just a fiction writer. He isolates and immerses himself in his characters 24/7 until each book is complete, and Flynn is personally close with former FBI, CIA, consultants and even Presidents. In his genre, he is like a rock star.

Flynn describes the process like this: KSM is asked questions to which the CIA already knows the answers. Any wrong answer immediately results in water boarding. This goes on for about 120 questions over several days.

Eventually KSM gets the idea and starts cooperating. Once he starts, he is "broken" (think Stockholm Syndrome, Patti Hearst, etc.) and starts providing information as if he was working for the CIA.

Everyone who performs the water boarding has themselves been water boarded in training.

Water boarding is a horrifying, psychological experience which threatens a person's most primal instinct: Our desperate hard-wired will to survive.

Water boarding does not result in any lasting physical damage, and it is proven to work.

It is doubtful that OBL could have been located without information provided by KSM.

Perhaps many of us are alive today because brave men thought more of their country than themselves.

anonymous said...

More unproven drivel from freedum fan, too bad the fiction author didn't actually consult people who know what the hell they are talking about like I linked to.

PS "rock star" is illustrative of the right's propensity to worship people. (even though they lie and claim it is liberals who do that), you proved once again the right acuses others of the things they actualy do.

He is a freaking fiction author, unlike Churchill who put his arse on the line for his country, he uses others experience not his own.

it is proven to work.

Absolutely untrue, too bad you as usual cannot back it up.

Water boarding is torture and like all torture is unreliable because people will say ANYTHING to get the torture to stop.

But do keep lying and worshiping your false idols.

Freedom Fan said...

Water up the nose and panties-on-the head are not torture, comrade.

Freedom Fan said...

Do self-righteous, preening Libs consider exploding the skull of an unarmed man, to be "torture"? Hmmm?

Libs only seem to be outraged at "torture" if Bush did it. Kinda like the fake outrage over the war.

Strange, I haven't seen any bleating war protesters now that B.O. is in charge.

anonymous said...

Why do loud mouthed conservsatives always turn out to have refused to VOLUNTEER FOR ACTIVE DUTY and actually serve IN COMBAT, when the country is actually at war?