Sunday, November 4, 2007

An interesting post card found on the web...

Ah, the virtuous libtards marching off the cliff and calling us "evil" for not following along...


Voltron said...


Somehow they got a keylogger on my computer.

That's how they deleted my post and made it look like I did it.

And Lydia has the nerve to accuse ME of using malicious programs.

Voltron said...

A good one from Mikey:

"....only a braindead troll could try to insist that Charles Prince, Richard Armitage, Katie Couric and Chris Mathews are all are one stupid ignorant motherf$%#er!"

11:21 PM

Voltron said...

How do you argue with someone who thinks Katie Couric and Chris Matthews AREN'T liberal?

Someone who thinks Charles Prince's donations to almost TWICE as many Dems as Republicans are simply "bribes"?

And liberal or not, that thinks Richard Armitage WAS NOT working against the administration?

Voltron said...

And TT, I'm belive that Johnny was right about Lydia.

I know we need to be respectful on her blog, as it IS her blog.

But we should be aware that she is two faced. She says one thing to our faces and in email, and yet another to her followers when she thinks we aren't around.

Any "evil" posts by them are condoned or excused while we are demonized for responding in kind.

And she IS arrogant. If you don't believe exactly as she does, your not a "true" Christian.

Voltron said...

"...Jay Leno is one of the few Repugs who refuse to cross picket lines."

Wow! Leno is one of us now, guys!
(Surprising since he's been known as a dem for so long...)

This is incredible.

Everyone to their right is a Republican...

Voltron said...

I wonder when Olbermann will piss them off and become a de facto Republican?

Freedom Fan said...


Freedom Fan said...

Hi Volt. Still giving the libs hell I see ... heh heh heh...

Well I tore down my old perfectly good garage and built a new one. I still have the shingles and some finish work to do, but I am feeling like a builder now. Pretty good for a CPA who has never done any sort of construction, no?

I listened to a george carlin "comedy" album and now understand liberals even better. carlin basically hates the human race and is fascinated with all the dark aspects of humanity like "corn-holing" and suicide.

He assures the audience that he is not talking about any of them so the fools cheer wildly as he ridicules all of humanity as gutter-dwelling, absolute morons. Amazing.

He is the quintessential liberal/nihilist who doesn't bother to vote because it is "pointless" since all of life is controlled by these mysterious "corporations" and our fate is sealed regardless of our actions. According to him, we may as well be sponges floating in the ocean, since we have so little control over our own lives.

This is the exact opposite of the Conservative philosophy. I realize that it is supposed to be "humor", but the joke eludes me. So it seems futile to argue with libs who revere this sort of "humor" and see only deep truths.

I'll be checking in from time to time, but have sorta retired from the blogging scene for a while.

Voltron said...

Hi FF! Good to hear from you.

Agreed about Carlin, although I did recently see a piece of his on youtube that pretty well dismisses the "environmentalists"...LOL

Cool about your garage, maybe you've developed a new sideline.

And yes, I'm still hanging around. I don't post as often as I'd like, and I don't post at Lydia's much anymore. (When I do they instantly delete them, no matter whether they're relevant or not)

It seems they've decided to become an echo chamber, disagreement is no longer tolerated.

Oh well, I didn't lose anything over there and I don't want to associate with anyone who falsely accuses others of doing wrong while THEY actually do it.

Please post more often!