Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A most pathetic smear site....

I just have to comment on the latest bullshit over at Lydia Cornell's blog...

They seem to think anyone who doesn't truly KNOW Obama's a very devout Christian is "beneath contempt" as one hate monger put it.

Firstly, I've NEVER ever met the man. We don't go knock back a cold one on fridays or shoot pool or anything. Didn't go to school together, never even crossed paths that I'm aware of. Unbelievable huh?
I know, I know, Illinois is a very small state way out there in "fly over" country. Surely we're best buds or something right? Uh, no.

So, just how the HELL am I supposed to KNOW what his faith is or what it means to him? I don't period.
Sure, I know what the media say's about him, and we all know they tell only the absolute truth right?

So anyway, I say "I believe he's a Christian" and "I believe he was raised a Christian". Not good enough.
Evidently merely "believing" he's a Christian means you're intimating he's a muslim and is "beneath contempt" with this group.

So now they try to smear me by claiming they "don't believe I'm a baby raper", or they "think I'm not a child molester". So if you don't KNOW with undoubted CERTAINTY that Obama is a EXTREMELY devout Christian, you sir are a child molester and a baby raper according to Lydia Cornell's goon squad. That's LYDIA CORNELL. You know, god is love, there is no evil, narrow is the gate?

The topic really doesn't matter anyway, this is how Lydia Cornell's lieutenants treat each and every one who dares to disagree. They really are full of love aren't they?

This truly is one of the internets worst hate filled smear sites around, and worse it masquerades as a spiritual christian love site. Evidently as near as I can tell Jesus hates conservatives like Allah hates jews.


Voltron said...

Oh, and I've also noticed they have a new poster. A vacuous bimbo that goes by the name of "sara".

She's simply filled with love and christ too, in other words she fits right in.

clif said...

Jesus really did dislike the Pharisees and Saducees of his day, which are the equivalent of modern day right wing conservatives Volt.

BTW how'd that trip to Iraq go?

Freedom Fan said...

Cliffy: Humor-impaired Obama hugger; goofy tricycle-riding adrenaline junkie on government dole for shell-shock and BDS. Salute.

clif said...

I see the "fraud" still has nothing but false generalizations to try and counter the biblical facts I wrote.

BTW fraud, just so's ya know I don't have a doctorate in dentistry son.

But it was nice of you to think I did.

Voltron said...

Hardly "biblical facts" Clif,

Show me the passage in the bible where it even mentions "right wing conservatives".

And you might want to take a look around you. Your side resembles the Pharisees more than mine.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I though Jesus loved everybody, Cliff.