Sunday, May 2, 2010

Andrew Breitbart: The American People Are The 4th Estate

Hey Liberals, Andrew Breitbart wants to make you famous! Breitbart, a former Liberal himself, has a message for you:

If you want to participate in the latest MSM craze, the Goebbels Big Lie Smear of the Tea Party movement as "racists", then you better have some pretty solid evidence. Otherwise the target moves from the accused Tea Party members to an unfortunate new national media star: You.

Rapidly. Relentlessly. Mercilessly.

Breitbart is eager to go on offense in this sordid little game, and I pity anyone who appears in his telescopic sights.

Andrew Breitbart, already a wildly popular Tea Party speaker, news aggregator and blogger, recently achieved cult hero status among Conservatives for offering a $100,000 reward if anyone could provide video evidence of the vicious claim that protestors had hurled the "n-word" against powerful members of Congress.

This bold yet simple gesture had the effect of utterly destroying the credibility of the Congressmen making the charge, but more importantly, further illuminated the disgraceful complicity of the statist media lap dogs, who once served in their traditional role as watch dogs to expose government corruption and dirty tricks.

I suppose the message for Liberals planning similar Nixonian dirty tricks is next time, you may want to ensure that there is not a sea of video cameras recording your every move, when you try to claim that your opponents are shouting "racist" things and spitting.

In other words, the American People Are The New 4th Estate, performing the vital role in our representative democracy that the dinosaur media once filled.

One of my favorite Breitbart speeches was just given at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans:

Why is it that the left is allowed to throw around the dangerous accusation of racism, without any evidence, as a means to malign half the country? ...

We are are watching the emerging strategy of the post-heath care bill of the Democratic party. And it started the day before the bill was signed when the most controversial members of the Democratic caucus walked among the Tea Party participants, with cameras in the air, with glares in their eyes... They all had cameras; they were all fishing for hate and the got nothing. So what did they do? They went to the mainstream media and said that the "n-word" was said fifteen times.

...[The MSM then started asking] is there "racism" in the Tea Party movement? Are these people on the verge of violence? No they are not! Fourteen months and a billion cameras and a billion Tea Parties later ... they've been searching ... they've been fishing ... they've been stoking ... they've been prodding and they've. Got. Nothing.

This is an attack on the American people. This is who the left is in this country, this is why they want to fundamentally change it because they think we’re inherently terrible and we need to be socially engineered...

This is what the strategy is right now: It's Saul Alinsky... You’d better go get [Saul Alinsky's] Rules for Radicals right now; it's the most important book that you could possibly read... This is the world we're living in; it's Orwell:

The greatest thing that the left does, and it uses the the media to do it, is that it accuses you of what they’re doing to you...

I'm Jewish; Shalom, New Orleans, Shalom! If I sensed the slightest tinge of racism in Conservatism, I wouldn't be going to these Tea Parties...

The MSM wanted Barack Obama elected, the wanted the health care bill to [pass], and they were going to go with any lies said against the opposition, and they were going to cover up anything that went the other way.

Thank God for the New Media! Thank God for the people who have the courage to step up and say ... to hell with the Old Media!
I love confrontation, by the way, and you should too because it's the only way we're going to win: We have to confront these people; we have to video tape them; we have to put it on the internet; we have to shove it in the MSM's face and say: "No! They're the "racists"; they're the intimidators, and they're the ones caught on videotape being violent. We're the peaceful protestors...

What is wrong out there? We have done nothing wrong other than to do what they have done for years, and that is protest. And they think that we should sit down, shut up. And that is ending right now...

Is there anyone in this room who doesn't think that the institutional Left has declared war on you? ...

[At a speech by AFL-CIO union president, Richard Trumka, I heard him say] "The other side is racist; you're good; the other side is homophobic; you're good; the other side is violent; you're good" ... After he spoke ... I said hey, hey ... the only "racism" that exists out there on camera is you guys intimidating us...

I offered $100,000 to anyone who could show video that the "n-word" was hurled even once... And he said, "I was there; I saw it". Do you understand that for the last two weeks we have been trying to find any witness? And I travel to Boston, and there he is! There is the only witness to it in the world: the head of the AFL-CIO! I totally trust him.(*)

They declared war on us; we did not declare war on them... We have an obligation to fight back! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take on the institutional Left... Please join the fight.

Last year, Breitbart famously exposed rampant corruption, destroying the largest Community Organizing Organization in the World: ACORN.

Before that, Breitbart exposed the corruption of the Obama regime trying to use the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts, as his personal propaganda department.

(*) Here are four videos of Representative Andre Carson and friends walking down the steps of the Carson Building when they claimed to have heard the "n-word" chanted by "fifteen people about fifteen times". But gee, I can't seem to hear it. Why don't you try?
Here's another version. and another showing the alleged "spitting" incident

And here: No More Beer Summits: Tea Party ‘N-Word’ Incident Didn’t Happen, And the Congressional Black Caucus Owes America an Apology

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Suzan said...

Is this meant as an extended joke?


Otherwise, it's horrifying.

Freedom Fan said...

Perhaps "prescient" is the word for which you are searching?

Here's more insight: The reign of job-killing, freedom-snuffing Obammunist tyranny will end in three months.

I can see November from my house.

w-dervish said...

I think Breitbart is the one who's credibility is destroyed, thanks, in part, to his attempted smear of Shirley Sherrod which was quickly exposed. I'll take the word of a U.S. Congressperson over this sleazebag's any day.

Freedom Fan said...

w-dervish, study the video evidence if you really care about the truth.

There is no question that andre carson, eldridge cleaver, richard trumka, and ben jealous are all liars.

But hey, keep smearing the grandmas in the Tea Party and rest of the American people as "racists", and we'll see what happens to the Dims in 55 days.

Andrew Breitbart is a national hero for calling the Libs' bluff and defending the honor of the decent folks in the Tea Party movement.

Never. Ever. Vote. Liberal.