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Restoring Honor Rally - August 28, 2010

I attended the Restoring Honor Rally, in Washington D.C. on August 28, 2010, hosted by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin; it was fantastic! What a wonderful, inspirational experience!

At first I was disappointed that the rally would not be political. But now I realize the brilliance of Beck's strategy: The message of the Tea Party movement is unassailable.

The vast majority of Americans are frightened and angry at Washington's out-of-control spending and borrowing from our children's future to buy votes.

So the only weapon, the Democrats had for countering our compelling message, was to portray Tea Party members as nut jobs and "racists". But the Beck rally effectively crushed that disgusting, bogus meme.

The Beck rally allowed the world to see that America is full of honorable, normal, sincere people of faith and their families, who just want the country to return to the magnificent vision of our founding fathers as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

The crowd stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Memorial -- about a mile. The rally featured the stirring music of the renown Aaron Copland, including "Hoedown" from Rodeo and "Fanfare for the Common Man".

The rally was held on the same day as Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech and Glenn Beck honored Dr. King's dream of equal opportunity. Apparently Al Sharpton held a protest rally somewhere in the general area, but we never saw it. I'm pretty sure it was enormous though. Sharpton is somehow under the impression that he "owns" the MLK legacy.

Sharpton was upset that non-black people also dared to honor the great civil rights leader. If racial harmony can be allowed to exist, then Sharpton and his fellow race hucksters stand to lose out on the big bucks they make from milking bogus racist claims to extort millions. Sharpton would be out of a job and hafta pursue some paper-hat related line of work, consistent with his abilities.

Another terrifying Beck supporter.

There was a massive "Truther" counter rally.

And a massive Obammunist counter rally.

Elsewhere in D.C. for some reason, Barack Obama bobble-heads were on sale at steep discounts.

Restoring honor can't come soon enough for America. As a Illinois state legislator, Barack Obama was a staunch NARAL supporter. Obama was the only legislator to speak on the floor of the state senate as an enthusiastic advocate for allowing infants, born alive during failed abortions, to die without any medical attention. Ask Nurse Jill Stanek what it is like to hold and rock a baby as it slowly suffocates.

The Obammunists shoved their nationalized health care obamanation down the throats of unwilling Americans. Now its our turn, so open wide Nancy Pelosi. And don't get too choked up; after all, we're only astroturf, remember?

Unfortunately for the Dims, hiding the truth about Obama's job-killing, freedom-snuffing, Marxist agenda is tough to do in today's age of the internet and the new media. Obammunists: Exit stage left. Welcome the Gazelephant of freedom!

Glenn Beck's 8/28 Speech

If you look at our history, America has been both terribly good and terribly bad ... But we concentrate on the bad instead of learning from the bad, and repairing the bad, and then looking to the good that is still ... within our reach. We have a choice today: To either let those scars crush us or redeem us.

Sarah Palin's 8/28 Speech on CSPAN, Part 1
Sarah Palin's 8/28 Speech on CSPAN, Part 2
Sarah Palin's 8/28 Speech on CSPAN, Part 3
Sarah Palin's 8/28 Speech on CSPAN, Part 4

We must not "fundamentally transform" America as some would want. No, we must restore America, and restore her honor ... I raised a combat vet and you can't take that away from me.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King spoke at the rally. Her life's mission is to save the unborn from slaughter.

Alveda and Glenn prayed before they spoke to the crowd. Alveda noticed that Glenn was wearing a bullet proof vest. Alveda considered wearing one too, but decided against it. These are two very brave and dedicated people. Our country is in mortal danger. Glenn Beck is a national hero.

The worst thing the Obammunists could do to themselves is to harm Glenn Beck physically. Because as Gary Eaton says, some days you have to roll with "The Army You Have". Today it’s one person. Tomorrow it’s ten. The next day it’s hundreds of thousands. The next, millions. Now the horrified Dims start to worry and look for ways to knock off the leader, only to discover there is no leader, only an army, spiritually connected, sharing the same values and vision for the greatest nation on earth.

Hey Libs! Remember us? We're the voters ... the peasants ... ya know? ... your boss. And we surround you. You "progressives" of both parties, are about to get crushed into the dust of history. So go try your Marxist madness again in another generation or two ... no make it never.

First we're restoring honor -- our own honor. Then we in the Tea Party tradition will take back America from the statist posers. We will restore the dream our founding fathers had for our children: The fulfillment of centuries of human yearning for liberty.

God Bless America and the U.S. Constitution -- the most noble manifestation of freedom in the history of the world.

Here's photos of the Marxist "One Nation" Counter Rally on October 2, 2010
Here's a list of the Commie groups attending the "One Nation" Rally
Obama supporters chant: Who's a Socialist? We are! We are!
Beck vs Marxists -- Crowd size comparison

Choose a side, America. Time is short. Vote November 2, 2010.

"Beck's Restoring Honor Rally" (left) vs. "One Nation Working Together Rally" (right) Note vastly larger crowd size at the Beck event, despite the fact that attendence was mandatory for union goons and transportation and free lunches were provided by the union bosses.


Voltron said...

Hi FF,

I like what you've done with the place!

I know I've been AWOL too long...

Freedom Fan said...

Hey Volt!

It's great to "see" ya!

Yeah, I just did this today. Glad ya like it!

Exciting things ahead soon, eh?

w-dervish said...

The Tea Party no longer condones racism from it's members? Did they agree with the NAACP resolution? I must have missed that.

What the Beck rally exposed was just how many suckers there are in America. 87,000 may be less than they are claiming, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.

The first thing bush did when he assumed office is buy votes with a massive tax cut. He blew the Clinton surplus right quick. It was disgusting, and is to blame for the situation we are in now (that and his two illegal wars).

I've always admired Mr. Sharpton.

I hope you're right about those exciting things. I would be very excited if the Democrats gained seats in November.... which would happen if everyone voted. Because the majority of Americans are left of center politically. Yours is a fringe movement... 30 percent of America at most.

Freedom Fan said...

"I've always admired Mr. Sharpton."

Well yes it's easy to see why Sharpton would be a hero to "progressives" like you.

Sharpton's first "victory" was stirring up hatred against Jewish "diamond merchants" in the Crown Heights riot in which a Jewish man, visiting from Australia, was beaten to death by 20 of Sharpton's barbaric buddies.

Next Sharpton spent two weeks railing against whitey and collecting gobs of money from poor blacks to help Tawana Brawley in her famous dog-poo and n-word hoax.

Then Sharpton went ballistic against the white Duke lacrosse team for their bogus gang rape of a black hooker/stripper.

Only a Lib could admire a huckster like Sharpton, who makes a living stirring up racial hatred with phony charges in order to extort money.

Sharpton's smearing, us Tea Party folks with bogus "racist" charges, is just his latest game.

Trouble is, no one with a brain is buying this story. So I recommend you get serious: Contact the WH and suggest that 0bama himself should go on national TV and help brand the grandmas in the Tea Party as "racists". Good luck wit dat you "progressive" bozos.

w-dervish said...

I think you should contact the Republican leadership and suggest John Boehner and Mitch McConnell go on national TV and demand Obama step down because he is a Kenyan anti-colonial black racist Muslim. The Democrats would be very appreciative if the Republicans handed them the election on a silver plater by placing the crazy front and center.

I also suggest the Tea Party leaders comply with the NAACP's resolution and announce a zero tolerance policy for racist behavior from any of their members. But they won't. Because the racist elements in the Tea Party are useful for slandering the president. I have not, however, heard of these racist grannies you keep referring to.

Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams had to resign, but only because he forgot to thinly veil his racism. He refused to apologize because he didn't believe he had done anything wrong, even though the blog post he authored was blatantly racist. A 7/24/2010 LA Times article says "a portion of the tea party movement shunned Williams"... the rest must have agreed with him.

Al Sharpton is not a huckster. Andrew Breitbart is the huckster. After getting caught attempting to smear Shirley Sherrod as a "black racist" his phony videos now fool only the most gullible -- which might explain why the Tea Party considers him a "hero".

I said I admire Al Sharpton, not that I agree with everything he has said or done. You can point to a handful of cases where it turned out a person he defended was lying or accused of lying. So what? As a civil rights leader he puts himself out there and occasionally it turns out the person he is defending is a liar (or perpetrator of a "hoax"). How is this Sharpton's fault? I admire his bravery for taking the chance that occasionally he'll end up on the wrong side of an issue.

Tawana Brawley did not admit she lied, unlike Crystal Gail Mangum. Sharpton stands by Tawana Brawley, who he continues to believe was telling the truth. He did not get involved for "gobs of money". He got involved because that is what he does as a civil rights leader. Also, Mr. Sharpton doesn't stir up hatred, he fights it. He also believes in peaceful non-violent protest.

Mike Nifong was to blame for the near miscarriage of justice in the Duke Lacrosse case. He was convicted of criminal contempt for knowingly making false statements during the criminal proceedings and disbarred.

BTW, what is the Tea Party's "compelling message"? Is it that we should be concerned about the deficit... but only when the president is a Democrat?

Rusty Shackleford said...

Dervish......the mother ship is landing....they are ready to pick you up.

Freedom Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freedom Fan said...

Rusty apparently w-dervish thinks talking about Obama's Kenyan heritage is "racist". w-dervish, do you think that Kenyans are inferior to you somehow?

Or perhaps w-dervish thinks talking about Obama's father's anti-colonialism is "racist"? That's a real enigma since the author of the Forbes article, Dinesh D'Souza, is an Indian-American who bases his theory about Obama from D'Souza's country's own background with anti-Colonialism against the British -- just like Kenya had during the same period.

Or perhaps w-dervish is just dumb. After all how smart could someone be to denounce "racism" then exude admiration for the disgusting Dim race-baiting huckster, Al Sharpton?

Here's a video of other Sharpton admirers like w-dervish, using hate speech against a white guy, after hearing Sharpton speak. When confronted with the racial complaint, Sharpton advised the white guy to get over it or accept that whitey really is the "devil".

Al Sharpton - Tolerates and Justifies Hate Speech, Then Blames the Victim

Watch the hypocrisy, and remember:

Never. Ever. Vote. Liberal.

w-dervish said...

The ONLY reason anyone on the Right "discusses" President Obama's Kenyan heritage is to make the point that he's BLACK. Are all tea baggers racist? NO. Are there quite a few racists in the tea party? YES! You're encouraging them by refusing to denounce them. The Teabag party is primarily comprised of racists, racism enablers, and willfully ignorant clueless dupes.

I don't consider myself dumb, nor am I a genius. I am however, smart enough not to be suckered by a billionaire-funded astroturf movement into voting against my own interests.

D'Souza isn't an "enigma", he's a wackjob Right-wing hater. His nonsensical anti-colonialist theory regarding President Obama is more hate in line with his other work of fiction, "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11". I don't give a damn that he's Indian -- that has nothing to do with my assessment of him.

Obama's father's may or may not have been anti-colonialist -- I do not know or care. It is completely irrelevant. President Obama barely knew him. He was raised by his white mother and grandparents. Even if he were "anti-colonial" I fail to see what the problem is.

Anti-colonialism is "foreign"??? I thought the US had no desire to establish "Empire". Actually, I read the D'Souza article and discovered that I'M anti-colonial. Every time he described an "anti-colonial" idea (which he apparently believes is bad) I found myself agreeing with it. And I've never even been to Kenya!

w-dervish said...

I'm going to ignore your continued insults directed at me for my respect of Al Sharpton -- because I find criticisms from an admirer of an amoral con-man like Breitbart laughable. Most of America is either laughing at, or horrified by the Teabagger extremists... if the "mother ship" is here to return anyone to their home planet I think it must certainly be the tea baggers. Whether or not they return to their home planet I hope they go away soon.

The video you linked to is complete BS. A group of people subjected to racism for generations expressing negative views regarding their oppressors isn't "racism".

Tea. Baggers. Just. Don't. Get. It.

Freedom Fan said...

"The Teabag party is primarily comprised of racists ... blah blah blah"

That is a well-worn lie. There's no evidence -- none -- of any pervasive "racism" in the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement is about limited government, lower taxes, less government spending and ensuring Constitutionally protected freedoms.

Naturally no one can argue against that all-American message, so you Obammunists can only attempt to demonize TP Conservatives as "racists".

The lies told by CBC members Carson and Cleaver at the ObamaCare protest on March 20, were so transparently outrageous and unsupported that they exposed the lie for all to see. Breitbart's $100,000 offer of reward for proof sealed their doom, and for that he's a national hero.

Racism is almost always found in the Dim party, because they see people as interchangeable members of groups based upon some superficial characteristic.

Just as you have done: "A group of people subjected to racism for generations expressing negative views regarding their oppressors isn't 'racism'."

Here you perfectly demonstrate your bigotry for all to see: You excuse acts of racial hatred toward the British guy by the inner-city American blacks. What did the British guy have to do with the "oppression" of descendants of American slaves who suffered at the hands of Democrat plantation owners from 150 years ago?

Obvious answer: Nothing, unless you are willing to assign individuals to groups based upon skin color, and then assign blame or innocence to the entire group, based upon actions of people from 150 years ago presumed to have similar skin color to their ancestors.

Insane? Of course. But this is the childish nonsense that progressives like you do all the time.

Then you Dims constantly smear Republicans as "racists" although Republicans, the party of Lincoln, have never done anything but fight the institutional racism of the Democrat party.

Conservatives reject identity politics, and embrace individual responsibility. This is why you rarely find any real racism among Conservatives.

Among the Dims we find it daily; here's today's racism from Democrats:

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez appeared on Spanish-Language Univision to tell Latino voters that their Congressional seat was being taken by the Vietnamese. Sanchez is up for re-election against the Vietnamese-American Republican, Van Tran.

Once again, the Dim assigns individuals to groups, and then incites one group against the other for political advantage.

Dims are the champions of institutionalized racial discrimination based upon skin color. 100 years ago Dims embraced the KKK. Today they belong to the CBC and push "affirmative action".

Freedom Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
w-dervish said...

African Americans are part of that "group" because that is where their ancestors came from. The heritage of members of this group isn't "superficial", although it certainly does not erase anyone's individuality or make any African American "interchangeable" with another African American. I have no idea where you got that ridiculous notion from. You were eager to discuss the President's heritage a few comments back, now, when I bring the subject of heritage up, suddenly it's a problem?

My comment was not meant to "excuse acts of racial hatred", only to explain existing animosity. Poor inner-city blacks blame white people for their lack of opportunities, and not for no reason. Al Sharpton (being a black man himself) understands why some black people may harbor feelings of anger toward their perceived oppressors -- he isn't "excusing" it. Do we have 100 percent equality in the United States today? Has racial discrimination been eliminated completely? Absolutely not. Until that day white people who aren't "white devils" should put up with such comments. I am in agreement with Mr. Sharpton's response. Your comment regarding the "British guy" having no connection to slavery is incorrect. Slavery existed in England until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, and, as far as I know, racism hasn't been stamped out in England yet.

w-dervish said...

Actually, I believe that it is Republican claims of Democratic racism that is transparently outrageous and unsupported by the facts. It was the Democratic Party that passed the Civil Rights legislation in the 60's and the Republican Party which adopted the strategy to win the votes of the southern white racists. The Democratic Pary threw the racists out and the Republicans embraced them. The Republican Party is still the home of the racists and racist tactics -- Republican efforts to supress the black vote lead to a court ruling against it in 1982. Even so, the Republicans stole Flordia in 2004 using illegal voter caging methods.

Your claim that "100 years ago Dims embraced the KKK" is utterly false. After the original KKK died out in the eary 1870s the 2nd (1915 to 1940s) and 3rd (1950s to present) incarnations have been (and are) far-right hate groups. During the 30s and 40s the KKK opposed labor unions, one of the bedrock foundations of the Democratic Party. During the 50s and 60s the KKK opposed the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation, which were both supported by the Democratic Party and opposed by the Republicans.

Just recently Republicans have defended the flying of the Confederate flag, a symbol of slavery and oppression, and championed the celebration of "Confederate History".

w-dervish said...

The CBC members you mentioned are telling the truth. Their "doom" isn't sealed, because most people are no longer buying into Breitbart's fake videos. That is the lie that has been exposed for all to see. BTW, Eldridge Cleaver is dead and has been so for 12 years. Emanuel Cleaver (no relation) is the MO Democrat who says he was spat on by a tea partier. John Lewis (D-Ga.) was called the N word, and Barney Frank says someone yelled a homosexual slur at him.

Black people are racists and anyone who objects is a racist as well? Nobody on the Left needs to "demonize" the Teabagger movement... they are doing a bang up job all by themselves showing the word how nuts they are. President Obama gives them tax cuts and they are "taxed enough already". They carry racist signs (of which there is photographic evidence) and when anyone objects they are spouting lies that are "transparently outrageous and unsupported". The Teabagger movement is a joke, and most of American realizes that they are deluded racist fools. IMO your entire blog demonstrates your bigotry for all to see.

Freedom Fan said...

"They carry racist signs (of which there is photographic evidence) and when anyone objects they are spouting lies that are transparently outrageous and unsupported. The Teabagger movement is a joke, and most of American realizes that they are deluded racist fools. IMO your entire blog demonstrates your bigotry for all to see."

So you attack my charge that you are spreading unsupported lies about racism, by providing yet another unsupported example: That there is some unspecified racism somewhere on my site? Brilliant move exlax.

Your comment about "Eldridge Cleaver" is inscrutable. Try to persuade your remaining two synapses to hold hands before you type.

But let's explore your only "evidence" supporting "racism" in the Tea Party movement, shall we?

Your example of "racism" at Tea Party events consists of ten signs, among millions, deemed the "Ten Most Offensive Tea Party Signs":

1) "Obama's Plan: White Slavery" (Stupid? Yes, because Obama plans to enslave everybody with socialism. Racist? No)

2) "The American Taxpayers Are The Jews For Obama's Ovens"
(Certainly offensive, but racist? No)

3) "Our Tax $ Given To Hamas To Kill Christians, Jews and Americans, Thanks Mr. O"
(Do you deny that U.S. gives money to the Palestinians, whose government is dominated by Hamas which celebrates suicide bombers and rocket attacks on civilians? Racist? Are you delusional?)

4) "Obama What You Talking About Willis? Spend My Money?"
(Racist? Grow up.)

5) "No Taxes. Obama Loves Taxes. Bankrupt USA. Loves Baby Killing"
(Obama, the champion of NARAL, was famous for giving speeches demanding that medical attention be cut off from babies, accidentally born alive in botched late term abortions. So ask nurse Jill Stanek what it's like to rock a baby while it slowly suffocates in her arms. Racist? You "progressives" are disgusting.)

6) "Barack Hussein Obama The New face Of Hitler"
(Offensive? Yep, but isn't it funny how Libs are outraged at this, when George W. Bush (BushHitler) was routinely compared to Hitler? Racist? Nein.)

7) [Obama is portrayed slitting the throat of Uncle Sam.] (
Certainly offensive, but not racist)

8) "Guns Tomorrow" (Please. Not even worth a reply.)

9) "Barack Obama supports Abortion, Sodomy, Socialism and the New World Order ... So did Bill Clinton (D) and George W. Bush (R)"
(Once again, nothing close to racism)

10) "Obama Was Not Bowing ... He Was Sucking Saudi Jewels" (Disgusting sexual innuendo, but no racism.)

So that was the best opposition research you Bozos could muster? Pathetic.

Gee thanks for demonstrating that there is far less racism in the Tea Party movement than is found in the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, or Jeremiah Wright's congregation.

The rest of America realizes you lying, amoral "progressives" got bupkis.

The Dims have staked their re-election hopes on demonizing the Grandmas at Tea Party Events -- smearing ordinary citizens, who are just concerned about Obama's Marxist "fundamental transformation" of America, as "racists".

November 2, 2010 -- National Take Out the Trash Day.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Spirited discussion, gentlemen. Count me, though, as somebody who doesn't particularly care for either Breitbart OR Sharpton. These, in my opinion, are flat-out divisive individuals that the country has pretty much had its fill of.

Freedom Fan said...


Breitbart is a national hero for his defense of the Tea Party movement and exposure of the MSM as statist toadies.

I can watch him all day. He is a master ... a warrior defending freedom in the 21st century where our weapons are keyboards and video cameras.

w-dervish said...

YOU said Eldridge Cleaver lied about what happened at the "Kill the Bill" rally in DC on 3/20/2010. Eldridge Cleaver WASN'T THERE! You named the wrong man because that liar Breitbart named the wrong man. If you're going to call a man a liar by name the least you can do is get the man's name right. My comment wasn't at all inscrutable unless you forgot who you said lied. Perhaps it is your synapses that aren't firing correctly.

As for your responses to the "Ten Most Offensive Tea Party Signs"... It's right there in the title of the article -- all the signs are offensive, although not all are racist. Yet, strangely you seem to think (even though it's right there in the title of the article) I was claiming all the signs are racist.

I find that highly inscrutable. BTW, the only reason the Tea Baggers compare Obama's economic policies to slavery is because he is BLACK. I doubt you'll understand why that is racist however... because, like all Tea Baggers, you're lying, willfully ignorant or incredibly dense. I don't know which is the case.

You previously claimed that the Tea Baggers aren't violent, but threatening to bring guns? Somehow that DOESN'T imply a threat of violence?

In regards to your comments about what President Obama said in the recent Rolling Stone interview... President Obama did not "graciously" imply that a small subset of the movement is simply motivated by bigotry. He stated a FACT. The dope who wrote the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal opinion piece derisively used that word.

You asked, "who else but a racist would go there"? How about someone who believes in speaking the truth? Or the obvious. Neither of which is "inappropriate".

Also, the Tea Party is NOT the "American electorate", they are only a subset. Also, 30 percent of Americans may have been fooled by the Tea Party message, however... That does not mean all 30 percent will actually vote, nor does it mean they will vote for Tea Party candidates. Believing in smaller government and cutting the national debt does not equate to voting for obvious wackjobs like Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell or Joe Miller. 30 percent of Americans aren't THAT dumb.

Voltron said...

"...30 percent of Americans aren't THAT dumb."

That's the same thing I said on November 1st, 2008.
(in regard to a vastly higher percentage too...)

Freedom Fan said...

"Nobody on the Left needs to 'demonize' the Teabagger [sic] movement... they are doing a bang up job all by themselves ... They carry racist signs (of which there is photographic evidence)"

"As for your responses [demonstrating a lack of racism in] the "Ten Most Offensive Tea Party Signs" ... strangely you seem to think ... I was claiming all the signs are racist."

Perhaps I should just stand back and let you argue with yourself, my synapse-impaired little friend.

Freedom Fan said...

"You previously claimed that the Tea Baggers aren't violent, but threatening to bring guns? Somehow that DOESN'T imply a threat of violence?"

You Obammunists keep trying, but cannot ever seem to show that Conservatives are violent like your Leftist buddies.

Exercising our 2nd amendment rights under the Constitution could come in handy if y'all leftists decide to do more than squeal bogus claims about "stolen elections".

Freedom Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.